Daniel P. Barron

A True Church


These are mirrored "A True Church" articles. By the nature of my blog, these duplications may contain comments and linked references from other articles. Such things are clearly notated at the end, and are not part of the originals.

Where We Stand

Specific Issues

Things That are Not Wrong

What is God?

False Religions

False Teachers

3 Responses

  1. [...] Do the members of your church do 1 Thessalonians 5:26? What is a holy kiss? On the cheek, forehead, or lips? [...]

  2. [...] "Excuse me?! 'I likely grew up with false Christians.' Who are you to say that. You don’t know my family, and I know I didn’t grow up that way!" Have a look at what we believe and tell me if your family would agree. [...]

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