Daniel P. Barron


Saturday, September 14, 2019

When commenting on an article, you may use several different HTMLi tags.

<blockquote>This is quoted text.</blockquote>

This is quoted text.

<a href="http://danielpbarron.com/">This is a link.</a>

This is a link.

<strong>This is bold text.</strong>

This is bold text.

<em>This is italicized text.</em>

This is italicized text.

<ol><li>This is</li><li>an ordered</li><li>list.</li></ol>

  1. This is
  2. an ordered
  3. list.

<ul><li>This is</li><li>an un-ordered</li><li>list.</li></ul>

  • This is
  • an un-ordered
  • list.

  1. Hyper-text markup language.

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