Unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good.

Users of drugs like cannabis and psilocybin-containing mushrooms and all the other hippie stuff like to say you can’t get addicted to these things; they say it’s only a “mental addiction” and not a physical one. I’m writing this now, not so much as to disagree with the form of this assertion, but to disagree with the substance. Indeed, you cannot get physically acclimated to the non-opiate drugs, but this so-called mental acclimation is in fact worse. Continue reading “Unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good.”

On the killing of children.

Mircea Popescu often criticizes Christianity as being some socialist thing from which all the evils of the fiat world originated. If I’m to use most churches as an example, I can’t even disagree; they covet other people’s money, and that’s why they teach a populist message — the kind that gets meat in the seats. More followers means more tax-deductible donations. But the real Gospel isn’t at all socialist, and it agrees with Mircea more often than not. The first in what will be an ongoing series of comparisons between the two is in this case: on the killing of children. Continue reading “On the killing of children.”

Whatever pretense necessary

It’s refund season, err.. tax time, err… anal rape time! Of course I stopped filing years ago, after having learned that one can claim EXEMPT and zero withholding on whatever stupid form they have you fill out for getting a pay check. That aside, the USG still takes something to the tune of two or three thousand dollars for social security involuntary-savings-because-you’re-too-stupid-to-do-it-yourself1 and medicare involuntary-health-insurance-that-only-pays-out-when-you’re-too-useless-to-matter-anymore. I don’t even make much money; I only have money saved up because I eschewed having a family, a car, a house, and most other creature comforts the typical UStardian couldn’t imagine living without. In some sort of catch-22 situation, if I actually bothered to pay whatever income tax is theoretically expected of me, I’d probably be left with less than the threshold for needing to pay it in the first place. Continue reading “Whatever pretense necessary”

  1. And LOL if you think that money will be there when it’s your turn to collect! 

Count me as thick, I dun see the connection.

Since the change over from #bitcoin-assets to #trilema, there isn’t yet a bash1 log quote thinger. I saw this back-and-forth between Stanislav and Mircea that’s sort of their quintessential conversation: the one explaining something in completely vulgar sexual terms and the other, failing to comprehend it, resorting to a sort of morbid self-flagellation. For lack of a better place to preserve it, I present it here. Continue reading “Count me as thick, I dun see the connection.”

  1. And while I’m talking about bash, what’s the deal with single line or single user log quotes? I’m of the opinion that a proper bash should have at least two users quoted, or else it’s more like a masturbatory act; more like a tweet really. 

Achieving greater freedom in this finite doomed world.

Jason Peirce published an article on Voices of Liberty, whatever that is: some shared wordpress blog for libertarians. Sure beats farceb00k, although that’s where I found the link. He asserts: Romans 13 Not the Pro-Government Passage Statists Claim It to Be. There’s surely some perverted logic arising from a misinterpretation of this chapter. Are Jason and I of the same mind on this one? Or are one or both of us hell-bound? The following quotes are from the linked article and preceding my own commentary thereon. Continue reading “Achieving greater freedom in this finite doomed world.”

Assassins Game

Water Pistol
Water Pistol

This gun has six kills. I bought it at the Roger’s Campground gift store shortly after registering with Japhet Stevens in his PorcFest Assassins Game. Here’s how it works: everyone who signs up gets assigned a target that they need to squirt with water without anyone else noticing. When you “kill” your target, he tells you who his target is and you keep hunting. The game goes until the week is over, or until you’re the last man standing. You can’t hit someone between midnight and 8 A.M. You can’t hit someone at an official event. If you figure out your assassin, you can “stun” him for an hour by squirting him. It’s a great conversation starter; the most effective way to rack up kills is to go around asking everyone if they’ve seen so-and-so. Assassins game turns everyone at the festival into a potential threat. You go to the bathroom with your gun drawn. You look over your shoulder constantly. You start to imagine complex conspiracies that never existed. Or at least, that’s how I play. The game is my primary motivation for attending PorcFest; it adds a magical layer to every other activity. Continue reading “Assassins Game”