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Older Than February

The machine that formerly hosted my blog died, and since it was running some new version of Wordpress (not MP-WP) on some systemd nightmare of a linux, I was hoping to use the death as an opportunity to migrate to a gentoo with MP-WP. Well that hasn't happend yet, and my old posts are still sitting on a hard drive that needs to be recovered and scraped. I'm not looking forward to learning how to get data out of a mysql database located on the hard drive of a system that doesn't boot anymore.

In the meantime, you may find my older posts archived.

Aaron Rogier: Beautiful new blog layout!

Stevie F: i love the way the comments work on your blog. brilliant!

Mircea Popescu: how do i get stuff from your blog that's older than feb ?

Daniel P. Barron: I added a paragraph explaining why and where.

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