My favorite Jerkcity

The same n00b (WOT:Joshua-I)1 who showed me EBBITS also linked to a comic named “Jerkcity.”

mats: this is not good
there is nothing redeeming about it
Joshua-I: It has its moments

This log excerpt pretty much sums it up. There are thousands of pages to flip through, and the vast majority of them have no redeeming value. I eventually gave up, but had selected a handful to highlight in an article. Enjoy! Continue reading “My favorite Jerkcity”

  1. Link is to a log search because apparently btcalpha is dead

Choose your government wisely.

This article was rejected by Qntra editor in chief, Aaron Rogier, (WOT:BingoBoingo) because the legislation of interest has been withdrawn.

BingoBoingo: danielpbarron: That thing your submission discusses was already withdrawn. Otherwise it would have been in the News Roundup Xtend
Sorry, News Roundup Xtend (TM)(R)

shinohai: I haven’t found *a single thing* to qntra this week

mircea_popescu: slow week huh.

shinohai: Yeah, kinda weird. I started two submissions, then realized how dumb they sounded and canned ’em.

mircea_popescu: kinda how this goes yeah

danielpbarron: BingoBoingo, ah, so i shouldn’t even publish it myself?

shinohai: Even scammers are starting to recycle scams, like PayCon. No news :/

BingoBoingo: danielpbarron: Well with some rewording that it failed you can self republish

So here it is, presented for educational purposes, and because the general point remains sound. Continue reading “Choose your government wisely.”

From order towards chaos.

Pete Dushenski (WOT:pete_dushenski) brought to my attention an article entitled “Against Edenism” (archived) written by Peter Thiel (WOT-nonperson) who goes on to purport that God is moving the world from chaos towards order, and that man is to help in this process. Continue reading “From order towards chaos.”

Until it isn’t.

Mircea Popescu has structured his game, Eulora, around a principle found in the real world: if something is worth doing, it is a loss until it isn’t. Things that are assured to yield a profit from every single iteration of activity are generally not desirable things to do. Consider, for example, the behavior of cattle: each time a cow bends its head to the earth, it gets to take a profitable bite of grass. But we shouldn’t aspire to be cattle, and for obvious reasons. I’m sure the cow doesn’t mind, but the profit is really for its owner ultimately; the cow is slaughtered. Continue reading “Until it isn’t.”

Fucking atrocious.

Cristy's Restaurant
Cristy’s Restaurant : Fucking atrocious.

The question answered with “nothing” was “what’s good here?” I posted this review four days ago after some old hag refused to serve me a cappuccino in a ceramic mug while I sat outside. “But you have outdoor seating,” I said, bewildered. “That’s for people with to-go orders,” she replied. For fucks sake! You call yourself a restaurant?1 “Never mind, that ruins it for me.” I walk out.¬†Funny thing is, a much younger waitress didn’t mind breaking this shit-hole-masquerading-as-a-restaurant’s brain damaged rules a couple weeks ago. The less funny thing is, this¬†is was the closest place I could get an espresso drink. Continue reading “Fucking atrocious.”

  1. If I wanted to carry my food somewhere and clean up after myself I’d do it at home like any other sane person. I go out to be served. And fuck you for suggesting I drink a hot drink out of a paper cup.