Daniel P. Barron

Acts 28

Thursday, April 1, 2021 

1 And being saved, then they recognized the island is called Malta. i 2 And the barbarians ii showed not the usual love for man iii to us. For kindling a fire, they received us all, because of the rain that was falling and because of the cold. 3 And the Paul gathering a bunch of sticks and laying upon the fire, a viper coming out of the heat took hold of his hand. 4 And when the barbarians saw the creature hanging from his hand, they said to one another, “By all means, this man is a murderer, whom being saved out of the sea, the justice does not allow to live.” 5 Then indeed, shaking off the creature into the fire, he suffered no harm. 6 And they were expecting him to soon swell up or to suddenly fall down dead. And after they had much expectation and seeing nothing unusual happening, turning about they said him to be a God.

7 And in around that place there were the fields to the first one iv of the island named Publius, v who, welcoming us, courteously entertained for three days. 8 And it was, the father of the Publius was afflicted lying with fevers and dysentery. vi To which, the Paul coming in and praying, laying the hands upon him, healed him. 9 This then happening, the rest of those having sicknesses on the island came and were being healed. 10 These also honored us with many honors, and setting sail, they provided things to the need.

11 And after three months, we sailed in a boat wintering on the island, Alexandrian, marked by Twin Brothers. vii 12 And landing at Syracuse, viii we remained three days. 13 From there, going around we arrived unto Rhegium. ix And after one day a south wind came. On the second day we came unto Puteoli, x where finding brethren, we were exhorted by them to stay seven days. And so we came unto the Rome. 15 And from there, the brethren hearing things about us, came out to meet us as far as Appii Forum xi and Three Inns. xii Whom, the Paul seeing, giving thanks to the God, he took courage.

16 And when we came into Rome, the centurion delivered the prisoners to the captain of the guard. xiii But the Paul was permitted to remain by himself with a soldier who guarded him. 17 And it was, after three days the Paul called together those who were the prominent ones of the Jews. And in the coming together of them, he said to them, “Men, brethren, I doing nothing contrary to the people or to the customs of the fathers, am a prisoner from Jerusalem. I was delivered into the hands of the Romans. 18 Who, examining me, desired to release, because no cause of death was in me. 19 And the Jews objecting, I was compelled to appeal to Caesar, not as having anything to accuse my nation. 20 Because of this then is the reason I urged to see and speak with you. For the sake of the hope of the Israel I wear this chain.”

21 And they said to him, “We received neither letters about you from the Judea, nor has anyone of the brethren coming reported or spoken anything evil about you. 22 But we desire to hear from you what you think. For indeed concerning this sect, xiv it is known to us that it is spoken against everywhere.” 23 And appointing a day for him, many came to him into the lodging place, to whom he was explaining solemnly testifying the kingdom of the God, and persuading them of things about the Joshua, both from the law of Moses and the prophets, from morning until evening. 24 And some indeed were being persuaded to the things spoken and some were unbelieving.

25 And being in disagreement to one another, they departed, the Paul saying one word, that, “Well did the holy spirit speak through Isaiah the prophet to our fathers, 26 saying, 'Go to this people and say, “Hearing you will hear and by no means understand, and seeing you will see xv and by no means see. xvi 27 For the heart of this people has become dull, and the ears they hardly hear, and their eyes are closed. Lest they see with the eyes, and they hear with the ears, and they understand with the heart, and they turn and I heal them.”' xvii 28 Therefore, let it be known to you that the salvation of the God was sent to the nations. These also will hear.” 29 And he having said these things, the Jews departed having much dispute among themselves.

30 And the Paul remained a whole two years in his own rented lodging and welcomed all those coming to him, 31 preaching the kingdom of the God, and teaching the things about the Lord Joshua Christ with all boldness unhindered.

Acts 27 - Romans 1

Translated by Darwin Fish. See original pdf.

  1. Μελίτη (Melitê) “Malta” - only here. A&G “an island south of Sicily.” ^
  2. βάρβαροι (Barbaroi) “Barbarians” ASV; DARBY; GNV; “natives” NKJV, NAS; “barbarous people” KJV – found also in Acts 28:4 (“natives”); Romans 1:14 (“barbarians”); 1 Corinthians 14:11 (“foreigner” 2x); Colossians 3:11 (“barbarian”). ^
  3. φιλανθρωπίαν (philanthrôpian) “love for man” - found also in 1 Timothy 3:4 “love for mankind” NAS. ^
  4. πρώτῳ (prôtô) “first” = first in time or first in importance, see footnote for Acts 26:23. ^
  5. Ποπλίῳ (Popliô) “Publius” - found also in Acts 28:8. ^
  6. δυσεντερίᾳ (dusenteria) “dysentery” = “a disease characterized by severe diarrhea with passage of mucus and blood and usually caused by infection” MW. ^
  7. Διοσκούροις (Dioskourois) “Twin Brothers” NKJV, NAS, Green; “Castor and Pollux” KJV; “Dioscuri” YLT – A&G “= Διὸς κοῦροι, ‘sons of Zeus.’” - only here. ^
  8. Συρακούσας (Surakousas) “Syracuse” - only here – A&G “a city on the east coast of Sicily” ^
  9. Ῥήγιον (Hrêgion) “Rhegium” - only here – located at the modern city of Reggio Calabria, Italy. ^
  10. Ποτιόλους (Potiolous) “Puteoli” - only here – located at the modern city of Pozzuoli, Italy. ^
  11. Ἀππίου Φόρου (Appiou) “Appii Forum” - only here – A&G “a market town . . . 43 Roman miles from Rome.” ^
  12. Τριῶν Ταβερνῶν (Triôn Tabernôn) “Three Inns” NKJV, NAS; “three taverns” KJV – only here – A&G “a place on the Appian Way, 33 Roman miles from Rome.” ^
  13. RT & MT “the centurion delivered the prisoners to the captain of the guard.” - not in CT. ^
  14. αἱρέσεως (haireseôs) “sect” - See footnote for Acts 5:17. ^
  15. βλέποντες βλέψετε (blepontes blepsete) “seeing you will see” ^
  16. ἴδητε (idête) “see” or “perceive” - this is a synonym to the prior “see.” ^
  17. Isaiah 6:9-10 ^

9 Responses

  1. And there, the centurion finding an Alexandrian boat sailing to the Italy, he boarded us onto it. -- Ἀλεξανδρῖνον (Alexandrinon) “Alexandrian” - found also in Acts 28:11.

  2. And with these making his defense, the Festus in a loud voice was saying, “You are mad, Paul! Many writings are driving you mad!” -- γράμματα (grammata) “writings” - Green, WYC “letters”; NKJV, KJV, NAS, YLT “learning” - it is more literally “letters” (e.g. John 7:15; Acts 28:21 NKJV) or “writings” (e.g. 2 Timothy 3:15 NAS).

  3. And some from the itinerant Jewish exorcists endeavored to call upon those having the evil spirits the name of the Lord Joshua, saying, “We charge you by the Joshua whom the Paul preaches.” -- περιερχομένων (periepchomenôn) “itinerant” NKJV; “vagabond” KJV; “who went from place to place” NAS - “itinerant” = “traveling from place to place” MW – this word is also found in Acts 28:13 (“circled round”); 1 Timothy 5:13 (“wandering about”); Hebrews 11:37 (“wandered about”).

  4. And stretching out the hand Joshua touched him, saying, "I am willing. Be cleansed." And immediately his leprosy was cleansed. -- hqato (hêpsato) - “touched” - from aptw (aptô) - found also only in Matthew 8:15 (“touched”); 9:20-21 (“touched”; “touch”), 29 (“touched”); 14:36 (“touch”; “touched”); 17:7 (“touched”); 20:34 (“touched”); Mark 1:41 (“touched”); 3:10 (“touch”); 5:27-28 (“touch”; “touched”), 30-31 (“touched”); 6:56 (“touch”; “touched”); 7:33 (“touched”); 8:22 (“touch”); 10:13 (“touch”); Luke 5:13 (“touched”); 6:19 (“touch”); 7:14 (“touched”), 39 (“touching”); 8:16 (“lit” a lamp), 44-47 (“touch”; “touched”); 11:33 (“lit” a lamp); 15:8 (“light” a lamp); 18:15 (“touch”); 22:51 (“touched”); John 20:17 (NKJV “cling”); Acts 28:2 (“kindled”); 1 Corinthians 7:1 (“touch”); 2 Corinthians 6:17 (“touch”); Colossians 2:21 (“touch”); 1 John 5:18 (“touch”).

  5. All things were delivered to me by my father, and no one understands the son except the father, nor does any one understand the father except the son and to whom the son wills to reveal. -- epiginwskei (epiyinôskei) - "understands" - used also in Matthew 7:16, 20; 11:27; 14:35; 17:12; Mark 2:8; 5:30; 6:33, 54; Luke 1:4, 22; 5:22; 7:37; 23:7; 24:16, 31; Acts 3:10; 4:13; 9:30; 12:14; 19:34; 22:24, 29; 23:28; 24:8, 11; 25:10; 27:39; 28:1; Romans 1:32; 1 Corinthians 13:12; 14:37; 16:18; 2 Corinthians 1:13-14; 6:9; 13:5; Colossians 1:6; 1 Timothy 4:3; 2 Peter 2:21.

  6. And immediately Joshua compelled the disciples to embark into the boat and go before him to the other side, while he sent the crowds away. -- hnagkasen (ênagkasen) - "compelled" - found also in Mark 6:45 (same context); Luke 14:23; Acts 26:11; 28:19; 2 Corinthians 12:11; Galatians 2:3, 14; 6:12.

    ..and they were entreating him, that they might touch only the edge of his garment. And whoever touched it was rescued. -- dieswyhsan (diesôthêsan) - "rescued" - found also only in Luke 7:3; Acts 23:24; 27:43-44; 28:1, 4; 1 Peter 3:20.

  7. That we prefer our homes to the lives of 100 starving children just because we don't have the faith that God will feed us, or are to greedy, pathetic and evil to do such a thing.

    How is it wrong to have a home? I either own or I rent. What are the other options?

  8. And because of the multiplying lawlessness, the love of many will become cold. -- qughsetai (psugêsetai) - “become cold” - only found here – the noun akin to this is qucov (psuchos), “cold,” found in John 18:18; Acts 28:2; 2 Corinthians 11:27. There is also qucrov (psuchros) found only in Matthew 10:42 & Revelation 3:15-16.

  9. And the chief priests, receiving the silver, said, “It is not lawful to throw these into the offering, since it is a price of blood.” -- timh (timê) - “price” - found also only in Matthew 27:9 (price); John 4:44 (honor); Acts 4:34 (proceeds); 5:2 (proceeds), 3 (price); 7:16 (sum); 19:19 (value); 28:10 (The noun and verb are here used. It is more literally, “honors they honored,” timaiv etimhsan [timais etimêsan]); Romans 2:7, 10; 9:21; 12:10; 13:7 (honor); 1 Corinthians 6:20; 7:23 (price); 12:23-24 (honor); Colossians 2:23 (value); 1 Thessalonians 4:4 (honor); 1 Timothy 1:17 (honor); 5:17 (honor); 6:1, 16 (honor); 2 Timothy 2:20-21 (honor); Hebrews 2:7, 9; 3:3; 5:4 (honor); 1 Peter 1:7 (honor); 2:7 (precious); 3:7 (honor); 2 Peter 1:17 (honor); Revelation 4:9, 11; 5:12-13; 7:12; 21:26 (honor) NKJV.

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