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Acts 25

Sunday, April 4, 2021 

1 Festus then, coming down to the province, after three days he went up into Jerusalem from Caesarea. 2 And the chief priest and the principle ones of the Jews made known to him against the Paul and urged him, 3 asking grace against him, so that he might summon him into Jerusalem, an ambush being made to kill him along the way. 4 Then the Festus answered to keep the Paul in Caesarea, and himself about in speed to go out. 5 “Therefore, those able among you,” he said, “going down with, if there is something in this man, let them accuse him.”

6 And staying among them more than ten days, i going down unto Caesarea, on the next day sitting on the judgment seat, ii he ordered the Paul to be brought. 7 And he having come, the Jews coming down from Jerusalem stood around bringing, which unable to prove, many and weighty charges against the Paul. 8 Defending himself that, “Neither in the law of the Jews, nor in the temple, nor in Caesar, did I commit any sin.”

9 And Festus, desiring to place grace to the Jews, answering the Paul, said, “Are you willing, going up to Jerusalem, there to be judged before me concerning these things?” 10 And the Paul said, “I am standing before the judgment seat of Caesar, where I should be judged. I did the Jews no unrighteousness, as also you very well recognize. 11 If I indeed am unrighteous and I have done something worthy of death, I do not object to dying. But if there is nothing of which these accuse me, no one is able to release me to them. I appeal to Caesar.” 12 Then the Festus, speaking with the council, answered, “You have appealed to Caesar? iii Before Caesar you will go.”

13 And some days passing, Agrippa, iv the king, and Bernice v arrived in Caesarea greeting the Festus. 14 And as he vi was continuing there many days, the Festus communicated to the king the things concerning the Paul, saying, “A certain man, a prisoner, is left by Felix, 15 about whom, when I was in Jerusalem, the chief priests and the elders of the Jews made known, requesting justice against him. 16 To whom I answered that, 'It is not a custom to Romans to release some man unto destruction before the accused may have a face against the accusers, and might take a place of defense concerning the accusation.'”

17 “Therefore, when they came together here, vii making no delay, on the next day sitting on the judgment seat, I ordered to bring the man. 18 Concerning whom, the accusers standing, were bringing no reason of which I was suspecting. 19 But, certain issues about their own religion viii they were having against him, and about a certain Joshua who died, whom the Paul was professing to be alive. 20 And I, being perplexed about this debate, was saying, 'If he would want to go to Jerusalem and there to be judged about these things.' 21 But, the Paul having appealed himself to be kept for the decision of the Sebastus, ix I ordered him to be kept until which I might send him to Caesar.” 22 And Agrippa was saying to the Festus, “I also myself want to hear the man.” And he says, “Tomorrow, you shall hear him.”

23 Then on the next day, the Agrippa and the Bernice coming with much pomp, x and coming into the auditorium with also the commanders of a thousand and men who are the prominent ones of the city, and the Festus ordering, the Paul was brought in. 24 And Festus says, “King Agrippa, and all men present with us, you see this one concerning whom all the multitude of the Jews pleaded with me in both Jerusalem and here, crying out, 'It is not proper for him to live any longer.' 25 And I, perceiving him to have done nothing worthy of death, and also this one himself appealing to the Sebastus, I decided to send him. 26 About whom something certain to write to the xi Lord I do not have. Therefore, I brought him before you, and especially before you, king Agrippa, so that the examination being done, I might have something to write. 27 For it seems to me unreasonable, sending a prisoner, and not to signify the reasons against him.”

Acts 24 - Acts 26

Translated by Darwin Fish. See original pdf.

  1. CT reads “not more than eight or ten days” (NAS). ^
  2. βήματος (bêmatos) – see footnote for Matthew 27:19. ^
  3. RT & MT has this as a question. CT does not. ^
  4. Αγρίππας (Agrippas) “Agrippa” - found also in Acts 25:22-24, 26; 26:1-2, 7, 19, 27-28, 32. ^
  5. Βερνίκη (Bernikê) “Bernice” - found also in Acts 25:23; 26:30. ^
  6. MT διέτριβεν (dietriben) “he was continuing”; RT & CT διέτριβον (dietribon) “they were continuing” ^
  7. ἐνθάδε (enthade) “here” NAS; “hither” KJV; not in NKJV. ^
  8. δεισιδαιμονίας (deisidaimonias) “religion” NKJV, YLT, NAS; “superstition” KJV – only here. See footnote for related word in Acts 17:22. ^
  9. Σεβαστοῦ (Sebastou) “Sebastus” YLT; “Augustus” NKJV, KJV; “Emperor” NAS; Augusti” VUL; A&G “worthy of reverence” - found also in Acts 25:25; 27:1. ^
  10. φαντασίας (phantasias) “pomp” KJV, NKJV, NAS; “display” YLT – only here. ^
  11. τῷ (tô) “the” - NKJV, KJV, NAS, YLT, Green, etc. “my” ^

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  1. And two years being fulfilled, the Felix received a successor, Porcius Festus. And desiring grace to be placed to the Jews, the Felix left the Paul bound. -- Φῆστον (Phêston) “Festus” - found also in Acts 25:1, 4, 9, 12-14, 22-24; 26:24-25, 32.

  2. And provide an animal, so that, setting the Paul on, they might safely bring to Felix the governor.” -- Φήλικα (Fêlika) “Felix” - found also in Acts 23:26; 24:3, 22, 24-25, 27; 25:14.

  3. For I know this, that hefty wolves shall come in among you after my departure not sparing the flock. -- βαρεῖς (Bareis) “hefty” - NKJV, NAS “savage”; KJV, YLT “grievous”; WEB “vicious” – found also in Matt. 23:4 (“heavy” NKJV), 23 (“weightier” NKJV); Acts 25:7 (“serious” NKJV); 2 Corinthians 10:10 (“weighty” NKJV); 1 John 5:3 (“burdensome” NKJV).

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  5. Then, the Paul and the Barnabus, having no small dissension and debate with them, they appointed Paul and Barnabus and some others from them to go down to the apostles and elders in Jerusalem about this question. -- ζητήματος (zêtêmatos) “question” NKJV, KJV, YLT, etc.; “issue” NAS, CSB, etc. - used in the context of a controversial question or issue (Acts 18:15; 23:29; 25:19; 26:3).

  6. All things were delivered to me by my father, and no one understands the son except the father, nor does any one understand the father except the son and to whom the son wills to reveal. -- epiginwskei (epiyinôskei) - "understands" - used also in Matthew 7:16, 20; 11:27; 14:35; 17:12; Mark 2:8; 5:30; 6:33, 54; Luke 1:4, 22; 5:22; 7:37; 23:7; 24:16, 31; Acts 3:10; 4:13; 9:30; 12:14; 19:34; 22:24, 29; 23:28; 24:8, 11; 25:10; 27:39; 28:1; Romans 1:32; 1 Corinthians 13:12; 14:37; 16:18; 2 Corinthians 1:13-14; 6:9; 13:5; Colossians 1:6; 1 Timothy 4:3; 2 Peter 2:21.

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