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And if he will not hear them: tell the church.

Friday, June 12, 2020 

Someone who identifies as oriental orthodox asked me:

Why do you think we are all going to hell?

The orthodox church teaches destructive heresies.

What kind of protestant are you?

I'm not a protestant as they also teach destructive heresies.

The "dangerous heresies" that have been taught by the Apostles themselves.

I do not have a problem with the things taught and found in Scripture.

Where in Scripture is this standard taught? The Apostle's teaching was not limited to writing nor was their writing considered the only authority for Christian believers in the first century.

"All Scripture" is "profitable for doctrine." i Believers check with Scripture to make sure doctrine is true. ii Paul taught "the whole counsel of God," iii not needing your church's doctrine to know this. iv And if you do teach "otherwise," we believers know to "withdraw" from you. v

None of those Scriptures say Scripture is the only authority. Jesus built a Church and that Church had authority over the faithful. vi

Indeed Christ made a church, but that is not your church. I know this because you teach "otherwise," and you have no way to prove historical heritage since "there is no remembrance of former things." vii

The Church of Christ would never fail and so for a Church to be valid it'd have to have lineage from the Apostles. viii

Christ's church which is His body ix indeed can never fail. But individual churches can leave the faith and be no more. Where are the seven churches of Asia today? x Did Paul warn the church of Galatia in vain? xi

Of course individual Churches can fail, it just so happens that no Protestant Church existed until the 1500s.

Again, Protestantism likewise leads to hell. On the matter of things Scripture does and doesn't say: it doesn't say that an individual church needs to have "lineage from the Apostles." It doesn't say that a church can't pop up out of seemingly nowhere and be in the truth.

But its teachings must be in line with the teachings of the church which has its lineage to the apostles.

No, in order to be in the truth, a church's teachings must be in line with Scripture. Your church is not in line with Scripture. Even the things we agree are Scripture and doctrine you do not get right; let alone the extra-biblical doctrine your church alone has the authority to teach. xii

The True Church's foundation is upon Christ and the Apostles, thereby a Church needs to be Apostolic to be valid.

Indeed a true church has its foundation on Christ and the Apostles. But it does not follow that this means there need be a lineage. It does not follow that someone cannot be in the truth if they have never heard of your extra-biblical doctrines. Scripture says "the heavens declare the glory of God" xiii and that this truth has been revealed to all so that they have no excuse. xiv This includes the many people who have not heard of your church. They have heard the Gospel nonetheless.

Who's Church has this authority? vi

Certainly not any churches like yours that teach contrary to Scripture!

Happy Trinity Sunday! (Happy Pentecost for Eastern Orthodox/Orientals)

This is one of your destructive heresies. The trinity is a false doctrine.

Christ can call the Father his God for he is also fully man. Further, Christ is the Word of God made flesh. He is nothing but the True Offspring of the Father, eternal God of eternal God. xv

There is another destructive heresy of yours: that God is not a man. That is why you go out of your way to say "he is also fully man." Of course Christ is a man. God is a man xvi and Christ is God!

Christ became man without ceasing to be what he was before.

He didn't change. xvii Christ xviii has always been a man.

There was a time in which Christ did not have a human nature for St. John tells us "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us..." The Holy Fathers of the Faith of Christ proclaim One Christ, both God and Man. Any other Christ is a False Christ. xix

You add to the Word. xx Indeed there is a time and place xxi in which God was born in this world. But that does not mean He wasn't already a man with flesh. xxii Or that He doesn't still have flesh today. xxiii

Adding to the Word is affirming St. John the Evangelist?

Your addition is that "became flesh" means God wasn't already a man. The verse doesn't say that.

John 1:1 affirms that God isn't a man. xxiv

No it doesn't! It so clearly doesn't! It affirms that Christ is God. But it does not speak to whether or not God is a human.

I don't see where it says God in his Divine Nature has flesh or bones.

I have shown you passages that affirm God has flesh and bones.

Nor will he ever change.

If God doesn't change, and God "became flesh," then God has always had flesh. He created humans in His image. xxv This isn't a lie or a metaphor. God created us man and woman because God Himself is man and woman. xxvi

So you believe God has a literal Body and is man/woman?

Yes, since that's what Scripture says, which I read like a child, xxvii rather than with the baggage of the traditions of men. xxviii

I showed several scriptures xxix that contradict your heresy but you remain silent.

I am not ignoring you. I am taking my time to make sure I explain correctly. Numbers 23 says that God is "not a man" and then goes on to explain what kind of man God is not: the kind that lies and changes.

You're reading that into the text. It plainly says "God is not a man." Then it explains that God can't lie or repent, for he is not man.

No, you have added to say that this verse means God is not a man. You read the first few words and discard the rest of the verse!

It says "God is not a man." You gave him a body.

And it goes on to say "that He should..." I know God has a body from many other passages throughout Scripture.

Yeah, by reading it into the text and ignoring the piles of Scripture that proclaim God wholly unique and unlike any other.

God spoke to Moses, in a language Moses could comprehend. xxx God is "like" man in that He speaks similar languages. God breaths; xxxi men breathe. Another likeness. God has blood; men have blood. xxxii Indeed God alone is unique and there are no other Gods beside Him. But He has many similarities to man and woman, which make sense considering we are made in His image. xxxiii

There is analogy, but God is utterly unique in his own Nature. It infinitely surpasses us and we can never comprehend him. A comprehended God is not a God at all.

Indeed, He is a man with many qualities that are beyond my comprehension. xxxiv

No. That's not what scripture says. God is a Spirit. And he is not a man. Repent of your heresy.

He is spirit and man. He is also a city!

I'll pray for your conversion.

Your prayer is an abomination. xxxv

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  18. God ^
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    So are My ways higher than your ways,
    And My thoughts than your thoughts.


  35. Proverbs 28:

    9 One who turns away his ear from hearing the law,
    Even his prayer is an abomination.


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