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I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 

Daniel: "There should be no guilt over having sex with a spouse."
Haras: Even something that wastes a man's seed?
Daniel: It's not wrong to "waste seed."
Haras: What verse in the Bible supports this, eh?
Daniel: It's on you to show where it forbids such a thing.
Haras: Well, you're the biblical expert here.
Daniel: I know there is no such prohibition, but you are welcome to try to find it.
Haras: Where in the Bible does it say it is the sole authority?
Daniel: Proverbs 30:

5 Every word of God is pure;
He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.
6 Do not add to His words,
Lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar.

Haras: Neither of those state that the Bible is the only authority for doctrine.
Daniel: "do not add to His words"
Haras: So you're using something which predates the existence of the Bible to prove sola scriptura. i This is why people laugh at you.
Daniel: Nothing predates the Bible, which is God.
Haras: Friend, nowhere does the Bible say which books belong in it nor that it is the only authority. God is not the Bible.
Daniel: Yes He is.
Haras: It is simply a collection of books that are His inspired word. You are an idolater if you pray to and worship your Bible.
Daniel: "Are you saying that you worship the Bible?"
Haras: Ah yes, more links. The ultimate workaround
Daniel: This topic has been covered and published; if you have something new to add, feel free, preferably as a comment to the article.
Haras: I'm not interested in such.
Daniel: Ah, the "not interested" workaround. ii Anyway, there is scripture that we both agree is scripture, and that you deny.
Haras: Denying scripture? That is rich coming from someone who doesn't hold the full truth.
Daniel: You and your false church that you suppose has authority to make extra-biblical doctrine.
Haras: Your Bible is missing the fullness of the truth.
Daniel: Let's focus on the not missing parts.
Haras: Do not run around saying that I'm lost when you yourself have a bastardized collection of the Bible.
Daniel: You agree that Isaiah should be part of the Bible?
Haras: I see no reason for it to not be in there, alongside the deuterocanonical books. The Church Fathers helped compile the Bible and I see no reason to doubt their intentions. God helped them, as seen in some accounts.
Daniel: So then you agree with the prophet Isaiah that God creates bad (evil) Isaiah 45:

7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

Haras: God permits evil to happen.
Daniel: Or do you deny the truth that God creates evil? It says He "creates" it.
Haras: I'd point to Augustine's idea that anything that exists is good because God created it. Evil happens to draw us closer to Him.
Daniel: Well, that's clearly not true, as there are clearly bad/evil things in the world. So then, you do indeed deny scripture that we both agree is scripture.
Haras: Ok.
Daniel: And you want me to believe that your false church has authority to add to scripture?
Haras: You deny the fullness of the truth, so little value is there in your labeling of me as lost and denying of scripture.
Daniel: You deny a very specific verse.
Haras: Books such as Tobit were not questioned until Martin Luther existed.
Daniel: That's another subject.
Haras: Not really. You say I'm a liar and part of a false church for holding onto books that you deny because of Luther's actions.
Daniel: Scripture says "God creates evil" and Haras says "God doesn't create evil." This is very simple.
Haras: Ok. Did you ever study and attend churches other than A True Church?
Daniel: Yes, but again this is misdirection.
Haras: Which churches did you attend?
Daniel: It doesn't matter and it isn't germane to this discussion.
Haras: I see a fruitless discussion, so I'm not going to continue.
Daniel: hm, ok

  1. See "Paul didn't follow sola scriptura. Why should you?^

  2. Darwin: I think we have discussed this already, maybe? I would not press or argue their unwillingness to look to links. I think it's fine to reference them. But, if they are not willing to go there, you can briefly give the Scripture again, or whatever is appropriate. It just shouldn't be a point of contention. The only thing that should be contended is the Word (Jude 3).

    I'm willing to work with people's limitations when it comes to clicking links, but I had already gone over these things with this guy in particular. ^

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  1. hezus

    You are correct Haras, everyone does laugh at him as he is truly lost.

  2. hezus

    Just like everyone laughs at Darwin.

  3. Now is your time to laugh.

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