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Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Monday, April 1, 2019 

This log is a continuation of a previous article.

GoddessUbasti: Also, is that your real name? i
Daniel: Yes.
GoddessUbasti: heh, It's good no one's wanted to doxx ii you, you'd make it easy peasy.
Daniel: What's to dox? Here is my name! Doxxing over.
GoddessUbasti: How did you make your way onto IRC? iii Oh.
Daniel: I've used IRC on and off since 2004.
GoddessUbasti: Never mind, I misread what you said. My bad. No, doxxing would include finding where you live, etc.
Daniel: I live in Oklahoma.
GoddessUbasti: Your home address. Silly.
Daniel: Eh so what if you had that.
GoddessUbasti: Indeed, as I wouldn't hurt a fly...but i'm not everyone on IRC.
Daniel: My website is registered to the address I used to live at in Connecticut and nobody ever messed with me all that time.
GoddessUbasti: Okay. Well...you're fortunate.
Daniel: One time I got a pizza, but I think it was someone I specifically did a cash in the mail deal with.
GoddessUbasti: lol..okay... Do you go out and socialize?
Daniel: I like to sing karaoke. Other than that most of my socialization is with other church members. I don't care for the people of the world.
GoddessUbasti: Yet you're in here, and you're of the impression we're all "people of the world." hmmm
Daniel: Well contending is another thing.
GoddessUbasti: Contending?
Daniel: For the faith. arguing about scripture.
GoddessUbasti: That's more apologetics, but...that doesn't really fit you. :) So we'll use your word. Contending. You're an interesting sort, Daniel.
^Peter^: Daniel, what concerns me is that if you "don't care for the people of the world", how you would sensibly have concern for and follow scripture. Mar_16:15 iv And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
GoddessUbasti: Indeed, he doesn't want to be around unbelievers, whom he calls his enemies.
Daniel: heh I had a feeling that would get picked on.
^Peter^: Those enemies will never hear the Gospel.
Daniel: I mean that I am not of the world, I don't like being in it or around them.
^Peter^: Daniel, not picked on, just question your rationale.
GoddessUbasti: Then how will you share the Gospel.
Daniel: Well for one I spend most of my day doing so online. And for another, I try to mention it in conversation when I'm out there, like at the bar.
GoddessUbasti: At the bar. Sigh.
Daniel: And for another still, I go to things like Harvest Crusade holding signs and warning thousands.
^Peter^: Daniel, so convincing people on line by telling them that you hate them??
Daniel: I don't open with that...
^Peter^: :)
Daniel: Check out my blog, there's plenty of examples. GoddessUbasti, what's wrong with going to bars? That's where the karaoke is... Not that it would be wrong to go just for a drink.
^Peter^: Gospel Karaoke great.
GoddessUbasti: I loved to go out dancing before I was saved. But now that I've saved, I know that's not a good environment for me to be in.
Daniel: It would be cool if I was more creative to come up with alternative lyrics to sing to pop songs. lol What's wrong with dancing?
GoddessUbasti: Dancing where people are doing drugs, getting drunk, finding people to hook up with...
Daniel: So?
GoddessUbasti: Not a good place for a Christian to be.
Daniel: That's ... the world! Well how else will you warn them!?
GoddessUbasti: I can encounter the world just fine at the grocery store. Or at work.
Daniel: Is this not hypocritical of you to say now?
GoddessUbasti: No, Daniel.
Daniel: Oh, okay.
GoddessUbasti: There are plenty of environments for the unsaved that aren't like bars and dance clubs.
Daniel: If you can't go to a bar without stumbling... you lack self control and that means you aren't saved.
^Peter^: Drunken revelers are generally poor listeners to the Gospel.
Daniel: Nobody wants to hear the gospel, be it at the bar drunk, or at the grocery store shopping. I find it to be easier at the bar where at least there is some expectation of sitting down and having a conversation.
GoddessUbasti: Daniel, I was timid to share the Gospel before I was saved, too. I didn't have the Holy Spirit in me to give me boldness.

To be continued...

  1. I go by the username "danielpbarron" in many places. I change it to "Daniel" for my blog. ^
  2. As in, documents. To find out my personal information and try to use it against me online. ^
  3. "Internet Relay Chat." ^
  4. Mark 16:

    15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.


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  2. hezus

    Only the weak drink.

  3. Scripture says it is those who are offended by drinking that are the weak ones. Romans 14:

    21 It is good neither to eat meat nor drink wine nor do anything by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak.

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