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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

This is my Eulora Shop — third of its kind!i

Buy/Sell Copper (ECU)

As the “Eulora Preferred Trader”ii I am obligated to offer the service of cashing in and out of the game. This comes with the benefit (to me) of having exclusive right to buy copper directly from MiniGame.iii

This service comes free of charge to anyone using deedbot for settlement.iv

1 million copper fee for those insisting on bitcoin transactions.v

I also accept PayPal from players who have positive representation in the WoT. No fee for copper buys. 10% fee for copper sells.


Item Name Quality Price
A Mysterious Rock 4`610 4`000`000
Bird’s Nest 3 2.34
Boulder 25 16.22
Clump of Dry Grass 1 0.66
Craft-Table Plans 1`470 20`580
Cruddy Hoe 55`412 110`000
Disgusting Goop 1`225 17`271
Disgusting Goop Diagram 71 330
Drudgery of McGuyver 206 412`980
Flotsam 10 9.68
Grotesque Sacrifice Token 17`400 10`000`000
Inconsequential Sacrifice Token 995 1`000`000
Leaky Treebark Flask Design 130 5`290
Particularily Promising Branch Bundle 10 491.26
Pointy Clump of Slag Design 75 6`610
Shiny Rock Shards Recipe 1`570 7`060
Shiny Rock Shards Recipe 71 310
Solid Branch 10 6.67
Somewhat Fashionable Hat Pattern 98 630
Widow’s Whisp Berries 10 16.92
Worthless Putrid Leather 10 16.72
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  2. danielpbarron [~dpb@eulora/EPT/danielpbarron] has joined #eulora

  3. The parent company of Eulora, publicly traded on MPEx.
  4. For now. I reserve the right to charge a fee in the future.
  5. Really deedbot is better equipped for this kind of thing, and costs you less.

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