Daniel P. Barron

The Golden Goose


This is my Eulora Shop — third of its kind! i

My nick on freenode is dpb. My Eulora character's name is Daniel Barron.

Buy Copper (ECU)

For amounts less than 1`000 USD, send to paypal user danielpbarron@gmail.com and let me know the Eulora character name. I go by what ever coinbase.com says it's worth at the time.

For amounts greater than 1`000 USD, contact me in some way ii to arrange a bitcoin for copper exchange. You will be required to encrypt messages to my key, and to decrypt messages for your own provided key. You will also be required to send a bitcoin transaction.

Buy Goods

All prices are in copper. iii

Item Name Quality Price
A Mysterious Rock 4`610 4`000`000.00
Bird’s Nest 3 2.30
Boulder 25 16.20
Clump of Dry Grass 1 0.60
Craft-Table Plans 1`470 20`500.00
Cruddy Hoe 55`412 110`000.00
Disgusting Goop 1`225 17`200.00
Disgusting Goop Diagram 71 330.00
Drudgery of McGuyver 206 412`000.00
Flotsam 10 9.60
Grotesque Sacrifice Token 17`400 10`000`000.00
Inconsequential Sacrifice Token 995 1`000`000.00
Leaky Treebark Flask Design 130 5`290.00
Particularily Promising Branch Bundle 10 491.00
Pointy Clump of Slag Design 75 6`610.00
Shiny Rock Shards Recipe 1`570 7`060.00
Shiny Rock Shards Recipe 71 310.00
Solid Branch 10 6.60
Somewhat Fashionable Hat Pattern 98 630.00
Widow’s Whisp Berries 10 16.90
Worthless Putrid Leather 10 16.70
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  2. For example, via the comment section of this article. ^
  3. ECU ^

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