Daniel P. Barron

The Golden Goose


This is my Eulora Shop — third of its kind! i

My Eulora character's name is Daniel Barron.

Buy Copper (ECU)

Contact me in some way ii to arrange a bitcoin for copper exchange. You may encrypt messages to my key, and I may require you to provide your own key. You will also be required to send a bitcoin transaction. iii

Buy Goods

All prices are in copper. iv

Item Name Quality Price
A Mysterious Rock 4`610 4`000`000.00
Bird’s Nest 3 2.30
Boulder 25 16.20
Clump of Dry Grass 1 0.60
Craft-Table Plans 1`470 20`500.00
Cruddy Hoe 55`412 110`000.00
Disgusting Goop 1`225 17`200.00
Disgusting Goop Diagram 71 330.00
Drudgery of McGuyver 206 412`000.00
Flotsam 10 9.60
Grotesque Sacrifice Token 17`400 10`000`000.00
Inconsequential Sacrifice Token 995 1`000`000.00
Leaky Treebark Flask Design 130 5`290.00
Particularily Promising Branch Bundle 10 491.00
Pointy Clump of Slag Design 75 6`610.00
Shiny Rock Shards Recipe 1`570 7`060.00
Shiny Rock Shards Recipe 71 310.00
Solid Branch 10 6.60
Somewhat Fashionable Hat Pattern 98 630.00
Widow’s Whisp Berries 10 16.90
Worthless Putrid Leather 10 16.70
  1. See also:


  2. For example, via the comment section of this article. ^
  3. Although I am willing to accept paypal for small amounts. ^
  4. ECU ^

7 Responses

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  2. Jeremy Renner

    Dear Daniel, it seems as though I [had sex with] a man on accident, will God ever forgive my sins? Also hentai is really hot have you ever watched it? Ave Satana, amen.

  3. God will forgive what you confess and turn from. I have watched hentai, yes. I don't recommend it.

  4. Jerma985

    Dear daniel do you like lemon demon. people are saying it is a gay people band and im scared god will send me to hell. also is jesus trans

  5. Never heard of them. You should be scared of God. That is the beginning of wisdom. No Jesus is not trans, although you might be interested to know He is feminine.

  6. 23rd4wt46t2rfw

    aren't you a bit old to be playing games?

  7. At what age are we cut off from having fun?

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