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Thursday, April 30, 2020 

Someone asked me,

What is your view on video games? Do you play them? Which games?

Yes. I play Dominion, i PUBG Mobile, ii Pewdiepie's Pixelings, iii Stormbound, iv Gunbound M, v Minecraft PE, vi and Eulora. vii

So you don't really spend money on games, do you?

I have spent money on games. I pay for Dominion so that I can play with all the expansions. viii Minecraft PE cost money, and I also bought a Minecraft account long ago before it was a Microsoft product. I've bought in game stuff on Stormbound and Gunbound M. ix

Thought you would be the kind to think of games causing violence.

They don't cause violence.

  1. Dominion

    It's a turn-based card game sorta like Magic: The Gathering, in the sense that there is an element of deck building and there are some similar mechanics as to how the cards are used. It's unlike MTG in that it's not at all collectible. Players build their decks as the game is played, "buying" cards from a communal set that is determined before the game starts. The communal set is made from a base set of cards and any number of optional expansion sets. ^

  2. PubG Mobile

    It's a first person shooter wherein you parachute from a plane with 99 other players onto a large region that gets progressively smaller as the game goes on. Last man standing wins. You spend much of the early game collecting suitable weapons, the mid game finding special air drops that contain better weapons, and the late game stalking remaining players. ^

  3. Pixelings

    It's a quasi-turn-based pokemon-esque mobile game. You collect and rank up various fighting creatures and then make teams of five to battle against other players. The different pixelings have an assortment of attack styles and special abilities which leads to an interesting meta-game of figuring out the right combination for the current arena climate. ^

  4. Stormbound

    It's a turn-based digital card game sorta resembling Hearthstone and chess. You collect and rank up cards which are used ten at a time as a deck to battle against other players. A deck must contain only cards from the neutral set and one of four clans/guilds/colors. Cards either cast a spell, or spawn a fighter or structure on the playing grid. Fighting units may or may not move forward and attack upon being played, and they will move forward and attack each turn after that. Structures don't move, but they otherwise act like units when attacked. Units and structures have various abilities that can be triggered by an assortment of conditions. ^

  5. GunboundM

    It's a turn-based mobile game very much like Worms. You collect and level up various "mobiles" and then make teams of three to battle against other players. It's 2D with destructible terrain. During your turn, you may move a mobile and then fire a shot which hopefully will hit an opponent despite the changing wind. ^

  6. Minecraft PE

    Who doesn't know Minecraft! One of the most visually stunning games ever created. Virtually infinite possibilities. I have a realm on PE. Hit me up for details. ^

  7. Eulora

    It's a MMORPG with a bitcoin-backed cash economy primarily intended to run on a Linux. Check out my shop^

  8. I also own physical copies of all the expansions. ^
  9. And now, Pixelings. ^

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