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Their sound has gone out to all the earth.

Sunday, August 9, 2020 

Someone asked a series of questions leading to a disagreement over the sufficiency of nature for salvation.

Your website gives a clear rejection of a whole list of denominations and people. What is, if any, your denomination?

We aren't part of any denomination; none of the ones that would have any of the churches with which we disagree.

You rejected almost every Christian denomination besides Methodist, Baptist, Jehovah Witnesses, and Mormons.

We reject them as well. i

You reject Catholicism but you are not Protestants or Evangelicals. Is it right to say this is a non denominational doctrinal view?

Sure. But we don't necessarily agree with other "non denominational" churches.

Does your church believe you have the right doctrine like everyone else?

We believe we have the right doctrine, unlike everyone else.

Do you believe you could be wrong on something?

Yes, we have been wrong in the past, and we may be wrong again.

How can you be wrong in some areas and yet say you're the right way?

Because we aren't wrong over many things; we repent of the wrong things and no longer teach them.

How do you know you're wrong?

If we can find Scripture that goes against what we believe. ii

I see you believe a man or women can be saved by nature alone? You give Romans 1 as its doctrine position. Also Romans 10.

First of all, Scripture teaches no such concept (Proverbs 30:5-6). You will not find a single verse that teaches the light of nature and the works of creation are not sufficient to give that knowledge which is necessary unto salvation. Secondly, Paul taught it is sufficient. iii

Yes, all people have heard of the Gospel, and not only those who have been told of it by men.

Do you believe faith comes from hearing of the Word? I believe creation points to God and if a person starts to see God, he will deliver someone to them to preach the Gospel so it is heard.

Scripture does not say that someone will or must be "delivered" to a new believer. It says that you do not need someone else to teach you. iv

These people don't have the anointing already because they must be saved to have the anointing. v

They do not need another believer in order to be saved -- that is, they can be saved alone.

But you haven't had a verse that goes against Paul's teaching in Romans 10:17. vi

We cite this same passage in favor of our argument that nature is sufficient to be taught the Word of God. Romans 10 goes on to say the gospel "has gone out to all the earth." vii

Paul says faith comes from hearing of the Word of God.

Where does He say you may only hear it from people?

How do you hear something?

With your ears, usually.

A sound must be produced.

There is also seeing, and it is possible to hear and see things in the mind.

Paul's context is people who are speaking the Word.

It says that the word will be heard by all, and the word is indeed heard by all. And yet there are people who have supposedly not been visited by missionaries. These people too have heard the word.

They have seen creation.

This is sufficient to believe.

But as do we here in the USA people see creation but don't know they need to be saved.

Who wants to be saved? Nobody. viii There is no difference between Americans and island savages. ix

If creation is enough for salvation, what's the point of the cross?

Creation is enough to know the salvation of Christ who died.

Looking at a tree doesn't teach them they need saving.

If God has chosen someone to be saved, they will believe no matter where they are. x Most who claim to believe do not actually believe. xi This is because they weren't chosen.

In Matthew 7, Jesus goes on and continues to speak to everyone and says go and do what I have said. Like Paul and the Prophets did to other nations. Preaching the Gospel. No where in the New Testament is there any conversion or hint of it by nature alone. Nature points to a God.

It points to the true God and all that is needed to be known in order to be saved. xii The heavens and all creation tell the truth of the Gospel. Was Abraham not saved? xiii It says the gospel was preached to him, and the thing that was preached was "in you all the nations shall be blessed." Abraham was saved because he believed the gospel which is "in you all the nations shall be blessed." It doesn't say if he was aware of the death of Christ. It simply says he was saved for believing that "in him all the nations shall be blessed."

The death of Christ didn't happen yet.

The death of Christ has always been. xiv

The revelation and the reveal of the Messiah didn't happen yet.

It doesn't matter if it happened yet or not. Abraham was saved on faith in God alone. xv Scripture doesn't say Abraham was saved specifically for knowledge of the death of Christ. Yet you say that this specific knowledge is required in order to be saved. The things of creation are sufficient to tell a person enough for them to believe and be saved, and such a person will also consent to wholesome words xvi when shown what Scripture says on the things they didn't specifically hear from nature.

The point of Christ's death is for the new covenant and the forgiving of sins for the whole world. People do not know they are in sin and are blinded by it. Creation points to the true God, but salvation and faith comes by knowing the knowledge of Christ or the Word. Abraham was preached too through the burning bush, and his faith justified him because he heard the message from the Lord.

The burning bush was with Moses. xvii Whether or not people realize they are in sin, they may only be saved if God causes them to be saved. God can cause someone to be saved who has never met another person in their life. All that person needs to do is believe in God. If this person later meets a fellow believer, the two will agree on what Scripture says, even if one of them has never actually read any of Scripture.

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