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Friday, March 1, 2019 

This is a continuation of a previous article.

geepo: Still waiting for a messiah. All the abrahamic religions do. All gods are imaginary.
Bashstreet: I imagine so are you.
geepo: That's unreasonable.
Bashstreet: Why?
geepo: You cant answer your own question. That's why.
Bashstreet: I have made no questions more examples of you being imaginary.
Daniel: geepo, you know God is real.
geepo: A delusional statement since you just logged a question in a public channel. I know god is imaginary.
Daniel: The Bible says you know He is real. i
Bashstreet: Geepo you're the delusional you think you exist.
geepo: The bible says to stone a woman to death who is not a virgin at marriage. ii
Daniel: Yes, so?
geepo: The bible drowns children. iii
Daniel: So?
Bashstreet: And?
geepo: The bible offers tour iv daughter as a sex slave. v
Bashstreet: Daniel, maybe he is referring someone tying bibles around children's necks and drowning them who knows.
Daniel: geepo, where does it say that?
geepo: The bible tells you to keep the woman after war. vi
Daniel: Yes, so?
Bashstreet: Geepo has a issue with God :)
geepo: God is imaginary.
Daniel: I don't follow the logic there.
geepo: Yes you do.
Daniel: The Bible says that you know God is real, and it also says a bunch of things that you think I'm supposed to think are awful, but I don't because I believe the Bible even the bad sounding parts.
geepo: No, you are logical. You don't believe any of it.
Daniel: I believe all of it.
Bashstreet: Geepo, you're not logical. After all your imaginary.
geepo: You can't believe any of it.
Daniel: Why not?
geepo: It's not logical.
Daniel: So?
geepo: So you don't believe it.
Daniel: the Bible goes against what most people call rational, vii but that doesn't mean it isn't true or that I can't believe it.
geepo: You know it's imaginary. It's not possible to believe it.
Daniel: Nothing is impossible with God viii who causes people to believe or not believe.
RenaissanceMan: Daniel: Sure. But "it doesn't mean it isn't true" is a pretty horrible reason to believe in something.
Bashstreet: Geepo, you ever get bored of being in IRC ix bad mouthing God while you could be doing something fun?
geepo: It's impossible to believe that.
Daniel: RenaissanceMan, I believe because God has caused me to believe against my will. x
geepo: That's not logical.
Daniel: So?
geepo: And so you already know that.
Daniel: geepo, you are going to hell and you need to repent.
RenaissanceMan: lol
geepo: You already know that's not possible.
Bashstreet: Lol
RenaissanceMan: geepo, you need to repent because otherwise god will torture kittens.
geepo: You already know that's just your imagination.
RenaissanceMan: geepo, so you're not buying emotional arguments like kitties or promises of eternal torture i guess.
Daniel: http://atruechurch.info/ xi
geepo: You already know that domain name is not logical. And you already know your chances of being a large cult leader are very small. xii
Publios: This is a fascinating website.
geepo: I'm sure it has a very small cult following. And they know it's a cult website. xiii You know its just imagination.
RenaissanceMan: Wow. Were your parents atheists? Daniel, were your parents atheists? xiv Darwin Fish just seems like an extraordinarily cruel name to give a child. I'm guessing not atheists, on a hunch. Does it not worry you that that you don't know ANY other true Christians? Wouldn't that kind of be a big hint that you've seriously run off the rails?

Yet, I do not know, as of this date, any other body of believers that is in the truth.

<-- danager danger will robinson!
Daniel: RenaissanceMan, yes. I'm not Darwin.
RenaissanceMan: Daniel, so why are you posting Darwin Fish's web site?
Daniel: I belong to that church.
Ross: Hi.
RenaissanceMan: Daniel, and Darwin Fish play's what role in that church?

The Darwin fish is a fish symbol with "evolved" legs and feet attached, and often with the word "Darwin" inside (like the ΙΧΘΥΣ or Jesus found in some Christian versions). ... Closely related to the original Darwin fish symbol is a fish with legs, the word "evolve", and a hand that is holding a wrench.

Daniel: RenaissanceMan, he started it. xv
RenaissanceMan: Ross, I know what the Darwin Fish is. I just cannot imagine why anyone would give a child a legal name of Darwin Fish.
Daniel: He was given that name before the symbol was a thing.
RenaissanceMan: Okay. That's unfortunate.
Bashstreet: Fish with legs. lol
Ross: Wait until we see the freaks that come from the genetic engineering. A mermaid with a fishes head and people legs.

  1. He also caused me to not believe in him. ^
  2. Deuteronomy 22:

    13 “If any man takes a wife, and goes in to her, and detests her, 14 and charges her with shameful conduct, and brings a bad name on her, and says, ‘I took this woman, and when I came to her I found she was not a virgin,’ 15 then the father and mother of the young woman shall take and bring out the evidence of the young woman’s virginity to the elders of the city at the gate. 16 And the young woman’s father shall say to the elders, ‘I gave my daughter to this man as wife, and he detests her. 17 Now he has charged her with shameful conduct, saying, “I found your daughter was not a virgin,” and yet these are the evidences of my daughter’s virginity.’ And they shall spread the cloth before the elders of the city. 18 Then the elders of that city shall take that man and punish him; 19 and they shall fine him one hundred shekels of silver and give them to the father of the young woman, because he has brought a bad name on a virgin of Israel. And she shall be his wife; he cannot divorce her all his days.

    20 “But if the thing is true, and evidences of virginity are not found for the young woman, 21 then they shall bring out the young woman to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death with stones, because she has done a disgraceful thing in Israel, to play the harlot in her father’s house. So you shall put away the evil from among you.


  3. Did he mean the flood? Genesis 6:

    17 And behold, I Myself am bringing floodwaters on the earth, to destroy from under heaven all flesh in which is the breath of life; everything that is on the earth shall die.


  4. Your? Our? I don't know. ^
  5. Did he mean the example of Lot? Genesis 19:

    6 So Lot went out to them through the doorway, shut the door behind him, 7 and said, “Please, my brethren, do not do so wickedly! 8 See now, I have two daughters who have not known a man; please, let me bring them out to you, and you may do to them as you wish; only do nothing to these men, since this is the reason they have come under the shadow of my roof.”


  6. Deuteronomy 21:

    10 “When you go out to war against your enemies, and the Lord your God delivers them into your hand, and you take them captive, 11 and you see among the captives a beautiful woman, and desire her and would take her for your wife, 12 then you shall bring her home to your house, and she shall shave her head and trim her nails. 13 She shall put off the clothes of her captivity, remain in your house, and mourn her father and her mother a full month; after that you may go in to her and be her husband, and she shall be your wife. 14 And it shall be, if you have no delight in her, then you shall set her free, but you certainly shall not sell her for money; you shall not treat her brutally, because you have humbled her.


  7. This goes against all human rationality. ^
  8. Luke 1:

    37 For with God nothing will be impossible.”


  9. "Internet Relay Chat." The protocol used by this particular chat room. ^
  10. John 6:

    44 No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day.


  11. There was a lul in the chat and I figured it was a good time to post the link, and sure enough a bunch of people checked it out! ^
  12. A similar accusation to, "then suddenly, as he himself reached 30, there was a major "time for my own church" moment. except, of course, nobody gave HIM the bn-dollar moneymaker." As if our goal is to get a massive following and not to spread the truth which we know will be very unpopular. ^
  13. We're not a cult. A group that believes the Bible will appear to be a "cult" in the eyes of the world. ^
  14. Yes, they are actually. ^

  15. Darwin: Actually, my sister and her husband asked me to teach in their home. That's how it started.


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