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Hi Aubrey!

Thursday, February 21, 2019 

I posted a comment to the article "For the Love of… Dog?" by Aubrey Barrett, but it didn't get past moderation. I saved a copy of it.

I thought about it. I dwelled on it. Then I prayed about it. It was a little bit, “Could this be worthwhile?” and a little bit of, “Lord, help me through this crazy idea and keep me focused on your plan.”

It's not crazy at all; I wish more people blogged about the Bible.

books by the same author! Sometimes, whether guessing what I’ll blog about or picking the right titles at the bookstore

This Max Lucado guy is a false teacher. Besides coveting your money by selling the gospel, he teaches the false doctrine of the trinity. i

  1. See "He Is Holy Gods. V. An Unholy Creed." ^

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