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Harm doesn't apply to the child here?

Saturday, April 20, 2019 

DoctorT345: If abortion becomes classified as murder.

Pro-life Christians- There are women in prison in El Salvador for having an abortion and some for having a miscarriage if it's suspected that they had a hand in it (taking plan B). Do you have an endgame that would prevent this from happening here, or is this the future?

Daniel: Why shouldn't that be the future? The women who have abortions are murderers.

BrosephRatzinger: Actually if abortion is legal it cannot be murder, per the definition of murder.

Daniel: Biblical murder; not what the state considers.

BrosephRatzinger: I don't think that abortion fits the Bible's definition of murder either. Modern Christianity's maybe.

Daniel: Check out the link. There's a passage of the Bible describing how the unborn have a right to live just like an adult. That the punishment for killing an unborn baby is death.

BrosephRatzinger: Quite the opposite. If an unborn dies as a result of the fight a fine must be paid. If the woman dies then it's death. Thus an unborn's life is not on par with a person's.

Daniel: Where does it say the fine is regarding death of the baby? I don't see it that way.

ithran_dishon: Numerous translations have that verse explicitly referring to a miscarriage, which would imply a marked difference in severity between abortion/miscarriage and murder.

Daniel: The translation I quoted is a more literal one. And the miscarriage is the result of an attack on the women. And the point is, the baby is considered to be a person with rights. That's why the punishment is "a life for a life."

ithran_dishon: Again, many translations strongly suggest that a "life for a life" refers to ill befalling the mother.


And if men fight, and they hit a pregnant woman, and her children come out, and there is no harm

Harm doesn't apply to the child here? You're saying that if a woman doesn't want an abortion, and someone punches her in the gut causing a miscarriage, harm hasn't been done?

Wiredpyro: Stop self plugging.


Why shouldn't that be the future? The women who have abortions are murderers.

Not all abortions are of a live baby. Procedures to remove a dead baby are classified as abortions too.

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