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My favorite Jerkcity

Sunday, August 14, 2016 

The same n00b (WOT:Joshua-I)i who showed me EBBITS also linked to a comic named “Jerkcity.”

mats: this is not good
there is nothing redeeming about it
Joshua-I: It has its moments

This log excerpt pretty much sums it up. There are thousands of pages to flip through, and the vast majority of them have no redeeming value. I eventually gave up, but had selected a handful to highlight in an article. Enjoy!


Oh hey, Perl is useful for something!


The theme of sucking cocks is so reoccurring in this comic series as to be ridiculous.

The Scientific Method

Hey, actual science!

We Should Operate

Happens to me all the time.

A Good Laugh

At least he tried, right?

Help Me God


  1. Link is to a log search because apparently btcalpha is dead.

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