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My Favorite EBBITS

Sunday, July 10, 2016 

Some noob posted a link to a web-comic named “EBBITS” in the log the other day. I had never seen it before, and proceeded to read every single entry. The author uses an intentionally lazy style of drawing to openly mock societal i and artistic conventions while also teaching the reader how to create a comic strip. A great deal of them read like hippie-bong-talk ii — ie: conveying a false sense of insight, and not worth the mention. But there are quite a few actually insightful/funny ones in there, and I have selected a scattering of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

B What U Wanna B

It is.



Honesty and conviction.

The Scientific Method

The cult of science.



  1. There’s also a sort of taoist theme going on here — “the name of a thing is not the thing.” ^
  2. The kind of thing you’d expect to hear from someone while they simultaneously exhale a bong-hit. ^

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