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Wednesday, March 2, 2016 

Her: Btw when ru gonna start yr blog

Me: haha I’ve been thinking of that every day now. The biggest thing keeping me from already doing it besides my laziness and Eulora stuff is I just don’t like wordpress. If i could find a footnote plugin that doesn’t use javascript i’d prolly do it already

Annnnd. I found one! i It turns out the footnotes wasn’t even the hardest part. I spent most of the day re-learning how to install and configure “LAMP” ii and I’m thoroughly exhausted. What was once a TRB iii Pogo node is now my new web server. Formerly I had IRC and a web site going on the same device, a different pogoplug iv Now I’m running two pogos, one for IRC and the other for www, and I’m not in a rush to merge them.

  1. Civil Footnotes By Austin Sweeney ^
  2. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP ^
  3. The Real Bitcoin ^
  4. the cheaper one lacking a SATA port. Rather than a hard drive, I have the whole thing installed on an SD card which seems to be prone to filesystem corruption. ^

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