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Genesis 7

Saturday, September 24, 2022 

1 Then Yehvah said to Noach, “Go, you and all your house, into the ark, because I see you are righteous i before me in this generation. 2 Take with you from every clean beast seven, seven, a male and his female, ii and from that beast which is not clean, iii two, iv a male and his female, v 3 also from the flying creature of the heavens, seven, seven, a male and female, vi to keep offspring vii alive upon the face of the whole earth. 4 For in seven more days, I will cause it to rain upon the earth, forty days and forty nights. And I will wipe out all that exists, viii which I made, from upon the face of the ground.” 5 So Noach did according to all that Yehvah commanded him.

6 And Noach was the son of six hundred years, and the flood waters were upon the earth. 7 And Noach, and his sons and his woman and his sons' women, went with him into the ark from before the waters of the flood. 8 From the clean beast and from the beast which was not clean and from the flying creature and everything that creeps upon the ground, 9 two by ix two they came to Noach to the ark, male and female, as Gods, he commanded x Noach. xi 10 And after seven days, the waters of the flood came upon the earth.

11 In the six-hundredth year xii of the life of Noach, in the second month xiii on the seventeenth day of the month, on this day, all the springs of the great deep were broken xiv up and the windows xv of the heavens were opened. xvi 12 And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights. 13 On this same xvii day, Noach (and Shem and Ham and Japheth, Noach’s woman and the three women of his sons with them) went into the ark, 14 they and every life according to its kind and every beast according to its kind and every creeping creature that creeps upon the earth according to its kind and every flying creature according to its kind, every bird, every wing. xviii 15 And they came to Noach to the ark two, two, from every flesh in which was the spirit of life. xix 16 Those that entered, male and female from every flesh, went as God commanded him. And Yehvah closed it xx behind him.

17 And the flood was upon the earth forty days, and the waters increased and lifted up the ark, and it rose up high from the earth. 18 And the waters were strong and greatly increased upon the earth, and the ark moved upon the face of the waters. 19 And the waters were very very strong upon the earth, and covered all the high mountains which were under all the heavens. 20 And the waters were strong, fifteen cubits above, and they covered the mountains. 21 And every flesh that creeps upon the earth perished, flying creature and beast and living creature and every swarming creature that swarms upon the earth, and every man. xxi 22 Everything with the breath of the spirit of life in its nostrils, from all that were on the dry ground, died. 23 So he wiped out all that existed which was upon the face of the ground, from man xxii to beast to creeping creature and to the flying creature of the heavens. So they were wiped out from the earth. Only Noach (and those with him in the ark) remained. 24 And the waters were strong upon the earth one-hundred and fifty days.

Genesis 6 - Genesis 8

Translated by Darwin Fish. See original pdf. xxiii

  1. Noach is saved from the flood “because I see you are righteous.” See also Psalm 34:15^
  2. “a male and his female” - אִישׁ וְאִשְׁתּוֹ ('iysh ve'ishto) - more literally, “a man and his woman” (or “wife”). ^
  3. Long before the law, animals are distinguished by either clean or unclean (see also Revelation 18:2). ^
  4. This is simply just one Hebrew word “two.” Also, NAS translates verse 2 as, “You shall take with you of every clean animal by sevens, a male and his female; and of the animals that are not clean two, a male and his female.” NAS footnotes, “lit. seven seven.” ^
  5. “a male and his female” - אִישׁ וְאִשְׁתּוֹ ('iysh ve'ishto) ^
  6. “a male and female” - זָכָר וּנְקֵבָה (zâkhâr uneqêvâh) - the normal Hebrew words for male and female are used here. ^
  7. “offspring” - זֶרַע (zera) - This is the same Hebrew word for “seed” as in Genesis 1:11-12; 3:15 & 4:25^
  8. “all that exists” - כָּל־הַיְקוּם (kâl-hayqum) - this phrase is also in Genesis 7:23 & Deuteronomy 11:6 (NKJV “all the substance”). 2 Peter 3:6 speaks of “the world that then existed perished.” See also Genesis 6:7^
  9. There is no “by” here in the Hebrew. Literally, it reads, “two, two.” ^
  10. What was the command? Genesis 7:2 ^
  11. Here we have the election of animals. All these were spared from being destroyed in the flood. ^
  12. 1656 SC; 2602 BCL ^
  13. חֹדֶשׁ (chodesh) - “month” - The names of the months in Scripture are: 1st, אָבּיב ('âviyv) Abib (Exodus 13:4; 34:18; 23:15; Deuteronomy 16:1) also called נִיסָן (niysân) Nisan (Esther 3:7); 2nd, זִו (ziv) Ziv (1 Kings 6:1, 37); 3rd, סִיוָן (siyvân) Sivan (Esther 8:9); The fourth, fifth, and sixth are not recorded. 7th, הָאֵתָנִים (hâ'êtâniym) Ethanim (1 Kings 8:2); 8th, בּוּל (bul) Bul (1 Kings 6:38); 9th, כִּסְלֵיו (kislêyv) Chislev (Nehemiah 1:1; Zechariah 7:1); 10th, טֵבֵת (têvêt) Tebeth (Esther 2:16); 11th, שְׁבָט (shevât) Shebat (Zechariah 1:7); 12th, אֲדָר ('adâr) Adar (Ezra 6:15; Esther 3:7, 13; 8:12; 9:1, 15, 17, 19, 21).  ^
  14. “broken up” - נִבְקְעוּ (nivqe`u) - this same Hebrew word is used in Proverbs 3:20 apparently speaking of this same event (see also Psalm 74:15). ^
  15. “windows” - אֲרֻבֹּת ('arubbot) - this is found only in Genesis 8:2 (windows); 2 Kings 7:2, 19; Ecclesiastes 12:3; Isaiah 24:18; 60:8 (roosts, NKJV); Hosea 13:3 (chimney, NKJV); and Malachi 3:10^
  16. Mathematically, this was the year 1656 SC. Remember, Matthew 24:38-39 (Luke 17:26-27) and Psalm 29:10^
  17. עֶצֶם (`etsem) – "same" – more literally, "bone" (Genesis 2:23) - בְּעֶצֶם הַיּוֹם הַוֶּה (be`etsem hayyom hazzeh), more literally, "On the bone of this day." This same kind of construction and use of this word is also found in Genesis 17:23, 26; Exodus 12:17, 41, 51; Leviticus 23:14, 21, 28-30; Deuteronomy 32:48; Joshua 5:11; 10:27; Ezekiel 2:3; 24:2(2x); 40:1^
  18. “every bird, every wing” - Jay. P. Green translates this, “every bird of every wing.” ^
  19. “in which was the spirit of life” - אֲשֶׁר־בּוֹ רוּחַ חַיִּים ('asher-bo ruah hayyiym) - This is similar to the language of Genesis 1:30 “in which was a living soul” (אֲשֶׁר־בּוֹ נֶפֶשׁ חַיָּה, 'asher-bo nephesh hayyâh), Genesis 6:7 “in which was the spirit of life” (אֲשֶׁר־בּוֹ רוּחַ חַיִּים, 'asher-bo ruah hayyiym), and Genesis 7:22 “breath of the spirit of life” (נִשְׁמַת־רוּחַ חַיִּים, nishmat-ruah hayyiym). Scripture speaks of both the soul and spirit of both men and animals (1 Thessalonians 5:23). ^
  20. There is no “it” in the Hebrew. This is supplied to complete the idea in English. ^
  21. “man” - הָאָדָם (hâ'âdâm) ^
  22. “from man” - מֵאָדָם (mê'âdâm) ^
  23. Mirrored here^

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