Daniel P. Barron

Camping trip, 2019

Sunday, June 14, 2020 

Last year, a bunch of us in the church went to Colorado for a backpacking trip. We spent over a week hiking up and then down a mountain.

Our first stop was at a ranch of a friend.

From there we drove to the trail head.

Hiked a little bit, and then set up camp.

And the evening and the morning were the first day.

We packed up and started hiking to the next campsite.

Stopping for "lunch" along the way.

We made it! This is my favorite part. Picking a spot and setting my stuff up while completely exhausted from hiking.

Packed up and ready to hit the trail again.

A new campsite is settled.

After some fishing, back to the trail.

We stayed at this mountain lake for two days. The water was freezing cold, and I got sunburn.

By the second day, I was ready to get going and find a new spot.

It started to rain a little, and we encountered some off-road vehicle drivers.

We took temporary shelter in a run down little cabin.

The rain let up, and we got back to hiking.

Oh hey, a new campsite!

Some of the guys played around with throwing knives.

Jesse showing off the "bar."

Back on the trail for the final stretch.

And.... done!

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