Daniel P. Barron

On the United Church of Bacon

Thursday, December 12, 2019 

I sent this to the United Church of Bacon's contact us whatever. I don't know if they published it or what came of it, so here it goes:

We are a church of skeptics. Our religion is to doubt religion. We are a non-prophet organization.

From your contact page:

Bacon Prophet John Whiteside

Which is it? Do you have a prophet or not?

However, we support separation of church and state. Faith-based arguments from one group of people have no business in government decisions that affect all of the people.

Yet you want your religion's tenants enforced by the state. Granted, those tenants are to not enforce religion's tenants.. except for this one.

Skeptics and atheists do not lack a moral compass.

From what source do you derive your morality?

5. Be Good.


Just be kind to people while respecting their boundaries.

What does this mean? How do I know what is kind and what is not kind?

In the beginning, there was the Big Bang, which begat all of time and space.

How do you know such a thing?

Atheists and skeptics are not immoral, inferior people, but we are often treated that way in society.

Everyone is immoral by nature. Atheists and self-described Christians alike.

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