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Wednesday, December 11, 2019 

I was asked to share my "recipe" for getting my blog hosted on Stanislav's new thing:

danielpbarron: alright, got it
asciilifeform: congrats on new www, danielpbarron! loads in <0.5s (from my chair) .
asciilifeform: danielpbarron: plz consider posting your wp recipe .

I didn't take notes and even if I did, they wouldn't help you very much. Step one is this: have a decade worth of linux experience, particularly gentoo. Step two is this: don't emerge --sync !! And step three is this: emerge --ask the things you need one by one. Say "no" if you see any dependencies with version "9999" and manually emerge those deps specifying some older version.

The following links are useful resources towards this end:

I have my own backed up heavily modified mp-wp from pizarro, so the mp-wp from scratch stuff was of no use to me. My troubles ended once apache2, mysql, and PHP worked. The rest was simply copying my files into place and importing the database dump. It worked after that.

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