Daniel P. Barron

Big Pasta

Saturday, September 7, 2019 

An opportunity came up. A literal truckload of free eggs, supposedly the kind that you might find at an upscale supermarket. I was only able to process about three daffodil crates full. Some of my friends opted to fill gallon bags with raw scrambled and put them in the freezer, and after my efforts I have to admit this was the better plan. But I decided to make a freezer full of pasta dough.

Picture above was taken at the half way point. Picture below is a refrigerator drawer full of eggs resting on my kitchen sink.

And here's some shells.

First I cracked and scrambled them. I used an electric mixer to do the scrambling.

I put the scrambled eggs in my largest pot temporarily.

When it was full, I used a measuring cup to ladle out specific amounts back into the mixer to be combined with flour. Apparently you can get a hundred pounds of flour for twenty bucks.

Pictured below is a pile of pasta dough. The machine on the table is for making the final product.

My hand.

Here's what pasta looks like after it's cut and hung.

And here's an example of a dish you can make with it.

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