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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Me: i wish you’d make bark shavings
i could use a million of those things
such a pain to make them because of the heavy ingredients
even if i had that part figured out, it’s still a waste of my time to make them myself
idk how mp is getting 1mn pops on slag
i can only assume he gets one of his girls to do the clicking for him

Some guy: So you guys are playing Minecraft with bitcoins
Sounds nerdy but if you’re profiting more power to ya

Me: i wish it were like minecraft in the terrain hacking sense, but it’s more like a traditional mmorpg
very strong focus on the economy, trading with other players
it’s kinda like a massive room full of different slot machines, where the house promises a 50/50 in the long run, except that your inputs and outputs sell for more than what the house considers them, so you can make money if you correctly price things
oh and the owner also promises that there is no cap on what you can win from a single gamble. guy is pretty good with math — calculus kinda good. so i take it to mean that he has somehow balanced the two infinities of possible output and the corresponding odds of getting said output in such a way as to maintain that 50/50 assurance
i have personally hit a “jackpot” so-to-speak of 0.81 bitcoin from a click that cost me practically nothing. And that score is still only the #2 in the all time list of “top pops”
it’s altogether unclear how much that 0.81 is actually worth, seeing as how it consisted mostly of an item that recently sold in public auction for something like 5000%

3 Responses

  1. >> idk how mp is getting 1mn pops on slag"

    private bot.

    >> i wish it were like minecraft in the terrain hacking sense,

    getting there.

  2. PB

    You haven't posted in awhile. What's new?

  3. I haven't been in the mood to post, but I've got a new one coming up soon!

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