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Sunday, December 9, 2018 

We shouldn't offend over trivial things; the Gospel is offensive i enough.

David Tarkington: If God is your problem, only God can be your solution. He is the only solution to the chaos. @drtonyevans @SBCPastorsConf #SBCPC18 #sbcpc2018 ii

GM Casey: iii http://atruechurch.info/evans.html comments?

Daniel: I’m curious what your comments are; do you agree with our site?

GM Casey: The only negative I see is that you allow others to post [an offensive word] on your timeline which is an automatic block for me. Grace and Peace to you and yours.

Daniel: I don’t know what you mean. Where did you see that word? iv

GM Casey:

Robby: atruechurch.info/catholicism.html … This page claims that Christians can't be homosexual. You're "born again". Like you can actually pray the gay away. [WHAT]? v Yet you blast Catholics for thinking that Mary was sinless. You really expect people to believe that.... vi

Daniel: I’m sorry to have offended you over that acronym. Please don’t let it prevent you from checking out our site. Also, you have hypocritically judged vii me seeing as how the [offensive word] is now on your timeline.

GM Casey: Your conversation is muted. viii Grace and Peace to you and yours.

  1. Romans 9:

    33 As it is written: “Behold, I lay in Zion a stumbling stone and rock of offense, And whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame.”


  2. This tweet also contained an image of Tony Evans at some conference. ^
  3. From his profile:

    Child of God. God's Class of 1988. I believe life is based on rightly discerning truth from error. Truth being sourced to God and error sourced to Satan. #Jesus✝️


  4. I have gone to great lengths removing offensive language from my blog and social media accounts. There are probably things I have missed, but he would have had to scroll down pretty far to find them. ^
  5. The offending acronym, removed from this post. ^
  6. I had re-tweeted this and many other posts which contained the atruechurch url. ^
  7. See Judging Is Believing.

    Some fools hypocritically condemn us for judging (Luke 6:37), and they all hypocritically judge that we judge.


  8. He also deleted his tweet which quoted the offensive acronym. ^

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