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Friday, February 17, 2017 

I gave up on this thing pretty quick. I'd like to get Darwin's translation up in html form, and without having to manually type markup. The only problem is that he writes it in some editor that uses strange Hebrew and Greek fonts which cannot be copied over. If anyone knows a scriptable way of converting it, please let me know!

In the interest of hosting scripture on TMSR infastructure, I have undertaken the impossible i task of converting the New King James version of The Bible into HTML markup. The way this will work is, I'll take chapter requests ii and type them up manually. I make extremely liberal use of the id attribute; this is to make the text easy to reference in blog posts and comments. I also use footnotes in places where the text differs more than a trivial amount from other versions; usually the King James Version.

To start, I've marked up two chapters. One from the old testament, and one from the new.

Isaiah 45 and 3 John

  1. Impossible because I plan to type it all up manually. Maybe I'll eventually write a script to do the whole thing, but for now I enjoy doing it the hard way; the process doubles as studying. ^
  2. You can ask in #trilema, or in private if I know you. I'm also sitting in #trilema-danielpbarron and #trilema-church^

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