Daniel P. Barron

Category: Bible Published: February 17

The Bible Markup Project

In the interest of hosting scripture on TMSR infastructure, I have undertaken the impossiblei task of converting the New King James version of The Bible into HTML markup. The way this will work is, I'll take chapter requestsii and type them up manually. I make extremely liberal use of the id attribute; this is to make the text easy to reference in blog posts and comments. I also use footnotes in places where the text differs more than a trivial amount from other versions; usually the King James Version.

To start, I've marked up two chapters. One from the old testament, and one from the new.

Isaiah 45 and 3 John

i. Impossible because I plan to type it all up manually. Maybe I'll eventually write a script to do the whole thing, but for now I enjoy doing it the hard way; the process doubles as studying.

ii. You can ask in #trilema, or in private if I know you. I'm also sitting in #trilema-danielpbarron and #trilema-church.

trinque: curious where you're getting the corrections to your transcription of the bible
Daniel P. Barron: it's nkjv with footnotes where kjv differs; also sometimes the nkjv has footnotes of its own about where certain texts differ
where possible i'll use Darwin Fish's translation; i think he did the first few books of moses
trinque: ah ok
iirc there's this "esword" program which might be balls of html inside
it has been a very long time since I looked into such a thing
might help
ah you know what, no, they were sqlite databases inside
so might be able to take one of those and script the generation of html

Framedragger: such dedication to the cause, i'm curious if you ever considered learning greek (new testament) and possibly hebrew/aramaic (old testament), to read scriptures etc.
Daniel P. Barron: that would be nice, and that's part of the reason i like darwin; he did learn to read those things for exactly that reason
Mircea Popescu: such learning is a lifetime activity.

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