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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This offer is sorta-canceled. If you ask me for some coppers I'll see about getting you a little, but it's too much of a hassle to keep it as a guarantee. Sometimes I'm not at my computer and sometimes my character is busy with something.

I get 11`337 free coppers every dayi -- 0.00011337 bitcoin. As of today's writing, that's almost half a dollar. And as of today's writing, it can be yours! If my Eulora character gets a trade request, while I am observing him, asking for eleven thousand three hundred and thirty seven coppers, and if nobody has received the same in the last 24 hours, I will oblige.

I have a vested interest in Eulora succeeding. I can only gain from many people taking me up on this offer. Nonetheless, it is a bitcoin faucet.

This offer will last for as long as I feel like it.

If you need an Eulora machine, I'm still selling them. The instructions are already borked;ii there will be an update shortly.

  1. The first 1`337 is from my magic bag which I got for attending the first official Euloran event. The other ten thousand is from my golden goose which I won at auction. I may type /bezzle with the bag in my hand, and /lay with the goose on my head, once every 24 hours. The timer starts over at zero when I use the commands.
  2. Not even a month has gone by and yet again the gnomes broke my gentoo; this time in a particularly scandalous way.

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