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Category: Eulora Published: February 12

Apprentice Lapidary Consideration

Considerations are very special blueprints that loot other blueprints. There are two known tiers of five craft lines for a total of ten considerations. The first tier, known as Neophyte, takes 9`999 of the associated first tier numina, plus some very expensive ingredients, and turns them into Maculature I bundles, plus some random low value blueprints of the associated craft.

Numina are these things that build up through the course of crafting. They are the tradable representation of effort expended crafting.i Each unit of numina is worth 10 copper at 100 quality; consequently, the things can build up quite fast. Fortunately, neophyte considerations eat up ~ten thousand of them at a time. That's a great way to use high quality numina, because these considerations only require one; that means the other 9`998 are considered "overcraft" and result in an extremely high quality bundle.

Low quality numina are best used in a lapidary craft called a Toil which uses Water of Anamnesia to improve them into higher quality second tier numina. And that's where we get to the Apprentice Consideration. It takes 999 second tier numinavii and spits out mid-value blueprints. The Maculature I it produces is incidental to its purpose; it's like the slag buildup of the bouquinism craft.ii The consideration also requires a book of papers, two helpings of ink, and a literal token.

I was able to come up with a very impressive assortment of these ingredients. The ink isn't so great, but it turns out the other ingredients easily compensate, combining to a bundle of quality 1353!

The tome was worth 244 thousand copper, the token was worth 329 copper, the ink was worth 58 thousand copper, and the shards were worth 2.2 million copper. All added up, that's a bundle worth nearly 2.5 million copper! That's 0.025 bitcoin. How long do you think it takes to process this much value in Eulora?

Not a day.

Not two days either.

A few hours short of two days though.

And lucky me; I got exactly what I was looking for: Toils of Tinkering!!! I now have ample supplies to turn ~50 stacksv of feelings into ten thousand sentiments.

I also got on the "Top Pops" chart. Second best this month; 13th all time. In two days, I turned 0.025 bitcoin into 0.1111 bitcoin. That's just base value; the market value of these things is easily in excess of one whole bitcoin.

Five hundred dollarsvi per day. Can I say that Eulora makes more than my day job yet?

i. I hypothesize that lower skilled players will generate more numina. I suspect that rank has a role in determining the ratio of the output between actual product and numina.

ii. Bouquinism is a craft skill. It involves turning numina into blueprints and vice versa. Maculature is a wad of shredded blueprints that you can turn into another kind of numina. The bouquinist can turn unwanted blueprints into numina, by first shredding them into maculature. He can also turn numina into blueprints, but this process also leaves him with some maculature.

iii.Provided by Foxy Foxter, on account of me not really being able to make the things.

iv.Not that the quality of an inconsequential token really matters. Despite this being the lowest value ingredient, and by many orders of magnitude at that, it is the most expensive ingredient to obtain. It is the most marked-up item sold to date, most recently selling for 305`810% over base value.

v. A stack is 9`999 of some item. Things are often traded in this quantity because it is the maximum number of things the server will allow you to put in one inventory slot.

vi. That's what 0.5 bitcoin is worth at the time of this writing.

vii. Worth 1000 copper at quality 100.

Mircea Popescu: this is some pretty cool stuff!

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