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Whatever pretense necessary

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 

This article no longer represents my views and I am ashamed to have ever written it. I have removed it from appearing oh my home page, but it can still be retrieved via external links that I have no control over. The reason for this is because it still exists on archive websites, and I would rather it be viewed with this disclaimer.

It’s refund season, err.. tax time, err… anal rape time! Of course I stopped filing years ago, after having learned that one can claim EXEMPT and zero withholding on whatever stupid form they have you fill out for getting a pay check. That aside, the USG still takes something to the tune of two or three thousand dollars for social security involuntary-savings-because-you’re-too-stupid-to-do-it-yourself i and medicare involuntary-health-insurance-that-only-pays-out-when-you’re-too-useless-to-matter-anymore. I don’t even make much money; I only have money saved up because I eschewed having a family, a car, a house, and most other creature comforts the typical UStardian couldn’t imagine living without. In some sort of catch-22 situation, if I actually bothered to pay whatever income tax is theoretically expected of me, I’d probably be left with less than the threshold for needing to pay it in the first place.

Anyway, I stopped complaining about taxes around the time I stopped filing them. Come to think of it, I also stopped complaining about politics around the time I stopped voting. Go figure! It occurred to me that in both cases, the USG doesn’t care how much you complain; actually it probably prefers that you complain, as this feeds into the whole perverted notion of democracy. Complaining also reinforces the pretense that the USG has authority over you; after all, you don’t complain to your subordinates, do you? That’s not to say you shouldn’t submit to a governing authority of some sort, but that you should submit to a government which actually has authority. ii And yet there are people social-mediatards who make airs of opposing their illegitimate rulers while doing exactly as they are told, like some sort of reverse-Schindler. iii

Me: yeah srsly why is mr. taxation is theft iv over here actually filing ffs?
Her: um…. just a wild guess but perhaps bc he doesn’t want to be kidnapped and put in a cage…? v
Me: What are you two working for the USG? That won’t happen. They just send you some derpy letters, strongly encouraging you to file. Buncha pussies. All you idiots do it make memes on farceb00k, exactly what everyone else does who doesn’t mind the government. Wow so enlightened you are!
Her: Of course not everyone will be dragged off right away – but explain what happened to Peter Schiff’s Dad vi if you can?
Me: He was convicted on fraud charges; not tax avoidance. The prosecution made the case that he knowingly offered false advice in exchange for customer’s money. vii
Her: That’s what the government told the judge to say…. lol… Seriously you believe that was why the government went after him with all the violence of the state power they could summon up?
Me: The point is that they didn’t have a case to make against him for tax evasion because he hadn’t avoided any taxes. Of course the USG doesn’t like this; that’s why it found some other way to get him. viii Nonetheless, my argument remains sound.
Her: LOL … my point remains far sharper and just punctured a huge hole in your supposedly sound argument… stop believing every word that comes out of the government’s mouth be it the judicial branch or otherwise… and you too will see the BS behind it all much clearer
Me: It is ~you~ who believes the USG and ~I~ who sees the lies. The USG says you must file a tax return; this is a lie that you believe.
Her: LOL that entity has all the power to put you in jail and they will do so under whatever pretense necessary if they think they can make an example out of you

Right. “That entity” will put you in jail whether you pay tribute or not; whether you make text-pictures on farceb00k all day or not; whether you whatever and so on. It makes and enforces law, not based on any sort of justice or morality, but based on popular opinion and rationality. ix You, as someone who should recognize this evil and hate it accordingly, are its better and sovereign; it is exactly for this reason that you should not file taxes.

Me: Taxes are not a payment for services rendered, contrary to popular opinion. Taxes are what you pay to your sovereign on the basis that he is better than you. By filing taxes with the USG you acknowledge it is your sovereign, and that it is better than you.

That you seem to believe the USG has power over you, and that one set of actions can lead to a predictable behavior on its part, x is evidence that it is your better, and vindication of this entire pretense. That you derp around on USG-blessed social media all day rather than write for yourself on your own platform is further evidence in support of this conjecture. Furthermore, the whole thing taken as a whole seems to suggest that your interest in the banner of “liberty movement” or “libertarian” or whatever is the handle today — is strictly concerning the sorting of yourself into a clique, for the purpose of passing the time with idle socialization. It is therefor no different than say, an interest in promoting a particular political party, or a particular sports team, or a particular type of music even. This isn’t to say that it’s inherently wrong to have an interest in one social group over another; it is to say that specifically your social group is composed primarily of hypocrites and the mentally retarded.

  1. And LOL if you think that money will be there when it’s your turn to collect! ^
  2. The Most Serene Republic of Bitcoin, for example. ^
  3. The Nazi who made a list. ^
  4. This moniker applies to many, but in this case specifically refers to Michael W. Dean. ^
  5. “Kidnapped” and “put in a cage” refer to being arrested and jailed respectively. ^
  6. Erwin Schiff, the guy who wrote some books and hosted seminars about how you don’t need to file taxes. ^
  7. And even though Erwin had evidence from the IRS documentation itself that his claims were not false, the judge refused to let him introduce it, because “everyone knows” you gotta pay taxes. ^
  8. And if it didn’t have the fraud thing, it coulda just planted child-porn, or drugs. You can’t just obey your way around unjust laws. ^
  9. On the topic of rational versus correct, Mircea Popescu says:

    Meanwhile whether something is rational or not hinges on whether that something can be stated in terms acceptable to a group. The same item will appear rational and irrational to different groups, depending on considerations unrelated to the item itself, and the important difference is that while templates for correctness are always written, group criteria for rationality are always unwritten. There necessarily isn’t any way to remedy the gap between written and unwritten, and consequently correctness and rationality must remain unrelated attributes, misguided efforts of idiots to soup them together notwithstanding.
    As a direct result the various mixes may all be encountered in practice – and in fact are. For instance the person who lies under threat is engaging in making incorrect, but rational statements – both while applauding Hitler’s genius under the eyes of the SS, and then while wondering at Hitler’s evil, under the eyes of the US. The person arguing with idiots, in any capacity, may well be making correct statements, but can’t escape their irrationality. On it goes.


  10. From the log, Mircea Popescu says:

    think about it for a second. in any game, the “rational” player is the defeated player. rational in this context merely means “that which has been intellectually dominated by the other side”.
    (and yes this is also why the state urges the individual to “be rational”. oooofcourseitwould. the only rational thing to do is to preserve the 5th amendment, which is to say : i reserve the right to unilaterally shoot any and all policemen on my say so. because that’s what ******* independence is.)
    what does “rational” mean ? that YOU can understand it, right ?
    if the soviets think the germans are being rational and are right, the soviets win. if vice-versa, vice-versa.
    the demand to rationality reduces to “act in a manner i can understand”
    dominating your environment reduces to … understanding it.
    “why can’t you be more like plants, said the sheep to the wolf” ^

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