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Tightly controlling the present.

Sunday, March 20, 2016 

This article no longer represents my views and I am ashamed to have ever written it. I have removed it from appearing oh my home page, but it can still be retrieved via external links that I have no control over. The reason for this is because it still exists on archive websites, and I would rather it be viewed with this disclaimer.

I’m very interested in what’s what in PorcFest updates. i Unfortunately, the wonders of IRC elude them. As a result, I find myself in the shameful position of having to check farceb00k on a daily basis. Morbid curiosity leads me to read the status updates curated by its super advanced teknowlegee, and this evening I saw something about Madonna exposing a teen’s breasts. Just as I was about to fire off some replies at the especially retarded commentators, it occurred to me this would probably make a decent blog article. And here we are!

Along with each comment, I’ve included the profile picture chosen by the person making the comment. Let’s see if you can spot a theme here.

Andrea Bailey:

Whether or not the 17-year old girl wants to sue or not isn’t the issue. Whether the 17-year old girl was embarassed or not isn’t the issue.

That Andrea is a frumpy old hag is the issue. That she feels threatened by attractive young girls is the issue. Like when police show up to a domestic violence incident where the girl refuses to press charges, the state presses charges. They are so jealous that someone else is dealing out a beating; someone’s got to go to jail for that!

Deborah Abate:

What’s wrong with this freak? That girl is a MINOR CHILD. I am hoping that Australia will prosecute Madonnna! What if the girl was 15, or 12 or 9 yrs old?

Bwahaha! Australia better do something!!11 Anyway, whatever the age, if she has tits, that’s just nice. And if no tits, what would be the outrage anyway? What if she was a baby!?

Kayla Carter:

I watched the video and its far less shocking than expected. It was clearly an accident. Madonna straight away apologised to fan and even jokingly offered to have the same done to her.

What’s that you say? The old hags are blowing the whole thing totally out of proportion? Mega-unsurprise™ that the cute girl with perky tits and who isn’t threatened by other cute girls with perky tits is the one delivering the rational summary of this non-event.

It brings to mind a footnote from one of last month’s Trilema articles:

The answer, obvious but nevertheless not provided, is that the woman is trying to provide for the future through tightly controlling the present.

But why is she trying to provide for the future ?

Because she lives in a bizarro world where the desires of women (ie, quite specifically, that their offspring will survive irrespective of quality) stand above the needs of men (ie, quite specifically again, that woman’s offspring only survives if it meets a minimum bar of humanity).

In this case, there’s a girl who describes the incident as being “the best moment” of her life, and I can’t blame her. She’s trying to survive based on quality, and Madonna let her show it off to thousands of prospective suitors. Then there’s the old hags: the socialists who can’t stand a future in which survival and quality have any correlation. Their bizarro world is populated by non-gendered blobs who pride themselves on being as uncontroversial as possible, and this girls exposed breast is like that proverbial protruding nail just begging to be hammered. I can’t blame them either; after all, nobody had to take them seriously. I blame every male out there who, when confronted with a woman’s show of hysterical world-flattening madness, didn’t immediately slap her to the floor.

The footnote continues:

It’s not a matter of whether this is an acceptable trade-off, or whether it costs too much or any of that. No system predicated on this nonsense can ever stand no matter what happens. Even if every single man agrees to be Calvin, and be told by some urchin what to wear to his son’s funeral, the system still can not stand, for it is rank nonsense through and through.

So there you have it. You’ve spared no pain in abstaining from slapping a bitch. Either you do it, or someone else will. Better your wife and daughter catch a black eye from you, because the next guy might not even bother; he might just crack their necks and make new ones. I’m serious, you know? Take a look at Germany.

  1. I’m teaming up with the guy who’s hosted a poker table the last two years, and this time around he’s got a couple prime campsites on the main drag, “Agora Valley.” Not only that, but I plan on besting my personal Assassins record of five kills. To top it all off, the king of losers has been ousted, and with him throngs of polyamorous weirdos have sworn off the event. Good riddance! The word is a euphemism for one girl having multiple boyfriends: a necessary arrangement for the mostly male population of any fringe libertarian sect of so-called “liberty lovers.” ^

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