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It’s better to rape than to divorce.

Sunday, September 11, 2016 

This article no longer represents my views and I am ashamed to have ever written it. I have removed it from appearing oh my home page, but it can still be retrieved via external links that I have no control over. The reason for this is because it still exists on archive websites, and I would rather it be viewed with this disclaimer.

The Bible does not forbid rape, i otherwise known as having non-consensual sex with a girl.

Deuteronomy 22:28 “If a man finds a young woman who is a virgin, who is not betrothed, ii and he seizes her and lies with her, iii and they are found out, 29 then the man who lay with her shall give to the young woman’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife because he has humbled her; he shall not be permitted to divorce her all his days.

Nowhere in this passage is there any mention of consent, nor is there indication that somehow the girl has been violated. The use of the word “seizes” suggests that she hasn’t been consulted, and yet the only concern is for the men involved: the girl’s rapist, the girl’s husband, and the girl’s father. It’s not considered violence to “humble” a girl without her consent, but it is considered violence to break from her afterwards.

Malachi 2:16 “For the Lord God of Israel says
That He hates divorce,
For it covers one’s garment with violence,”
Says the Lord of hosts.
“Therefore take heed to your spirit,
That you do not deal treacherously.”

God says that marriage is Him joining together a man and a woman into “one flesh,” and that nobody should attempt a separation. iv This would be a bloody and violent thing to behold; that is, dividing a single flesh in twain. It would be preferable for the husband to die than to have his wife taken by another while he lives. v Such a woman may not marry another because she would be committing adultery in the process, as Darwin Fish explains in his article on divorce.

Even in cases where there is an “innocent party” involved (i.e. where the woman does not want the divorce), if this “innocent person” remarries, she has committed adultery. As Jesus said, “whoever marries her who is divorced from her husband commits adultery” (Luke 16:18), and in Matthew 5:32 He says, “whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery.” If the man divorced his wife because she was sexually immoral, then the woman would have already committed adultery. But, if she was not sexually immoral, and the man divorced her, and then she remarried, she would then be committing adultery; and her husband who divorced her is the one who caused her to do so. vi Divorce and remarriage equals adultery. vii

Adultery destroys souls, viii the perpetrators of which deserve death. ix Whether or not the wife in question had consented is only a concern in determining if she too should be executed. x Likewise, sex is generally a very good thing, xi without regard to the girl’s consent, or lack thereof. The evil is in dividing flesh which God has joined, and yes this includes flesh joined by rape. xii

As horrifying as this all may sound, it’s actually not such a bad arrangement for the girl. A man who knows what he wants, and who is willing to take it, is already more qualified than most to be a husband. So long as he doesn’t abandon her afterwards, she’s pretty well off. Contrast to the uncertain asshole who, after first begging her permission, later fails in his obligations and departs– what good is that to anyone? Of what value are the “may I”s and “yes”s ?? Her father would probably prefer to have some say in the matter, as to who will be his son-in-law, but he should abhor the thought of his daughter becoming a harlot. xiii That’s what strong independent woman generally translates to: whore. Whether or not money is explicitly exchanged doesn’t make much difference; compensation can come in the form of tangibles, intangibles, and good will. xiv Marriage is supposed to remove the economic element of human sexuality. The girl herself may be a commodity, and a consumable one at that; her sex should not be as such. A wife belongs to her husband, and may not refuse his advances, or otherwise hold his desires hostage. xv

  1. Not true. The old testament law may not call it out, but the new testament does.

    Luke 6:31 And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.


  2. Married or engaged. ^
  3. Has sex. ^
  4. NKJV:

    Matthew 19:3 The Pharisees also came to Him, testing Him, and saying to Him, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for just any reason?”
    4 And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? 6 So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”


  5. NKJV:

    2 Samuel 11 It happened in the spring of the year, at the time when kings go out to battle, that David sent Joab and his servants with him, and all Israel; and they destroyed the people of Ammon and besieged Rabbah. But David remained at Jerusalem.

    2 Then it happened one evening that David arose from his bed and walked on the roof of the king’s house. And from the roof he saw a woman bathing, and the woman was very beautiful to behold. 3 So David sent and inquired about the woman. And someone said, “Is this not Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite?” 4 Then David sent messengers, and took her; and she came to him, and he lay with her, for she was cleansed from her impurity; and she returned to her house. 5 And the woman conceived; so she sent and told David, and said, “I am with child.”
    6 Then David sent to Joab, saying, “Send me Uriah the Hittite.” And Joab sent Uriah to David. 7 When Uriah had come to him, David asked how Joab was doing, and how the people were doing, and how the war prospered. 8 And David said to Uriah, “Go down to your house and wash your feet.” So Uriah departed from the king’s house, and a gift of food from the king followed him. 9 But Uriah slept at the door of the king’s house with all the servants of his lord, and did not go down to his house. 10 So when they told David, saying, “Uriah did not go down to his house,” David said to Uriah, “Did you not come from a journey? Why did you not go down to your house?”
    11 And Uriah said to David, “The ark and Israel and Judah are dwelling in tents, and my lord Joab and the servants of my lord are encamped in the open fields. Shall I then go to my house to eat and drink, and to lie with my wife? As you live, and as your soul lives, I will not do this thing.”
    12 Then David said to Uriah, “Wait here today also, and tomorrow I will let you depart.” So Uriah remained in Jerusalem that day and the next. 13 Now when David called him, he ate and drank before him; and he made him drunk. And at evening he went out to lie on his bed with the servants of his lord, but he did not go down to his house.

    14 In the morning it happened that David wrote a letter to Joab and sent it by the hand of Uriah. 15 And he wrote in the letter, saying, “Set Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle, and retreat from him, that he may be struck down and die.” 16 So it was, while Joab besieged the city, that he assigned Uriah to a place where he knew there were valiant men. 17 Then the men of the city came out and fought with Joab. And some of the people of the servants of David fell; and Uriah the Hittite died also.
    18 Then Joab sent and told David all the things concerning the war, 19 and charged the messenger, saying, “When you have finished telling the matters of the war to the king, 20 if it happens that the king’s wrath rises, and he says to you: ‘Why did you approach so near to the city when you fought? Did you not know that they would shoot from the wall? 21 Who struck Abimelech the son of Jerubbesheth? Was it not a woman who cast a piece of a millstone on him from the wall, so that he died in Thebez? Why did you go near the wall?’—then you shall say, ‘Your servant Uriah the Hittite is dead also.’”

    22 So the messenger went, and came and told David all that Joab had sent by him. 23 And the messenger said to David, “Surely the men prevailed against us and came out to us in the field; then we drove them back as far as the entrance of the gate. 24 The archers shot from the wall at your servants; and some of the king’s servants are dead, and your servant Uriah the Hittite is dead also.”
    25 Then David said to the messenger, “Thus you shall say to Joab: ‘Do not let this thing displease you, for the sword devours one as well as another. Strengthen your attack against the city, and overthrow it.’ So encourage him.”
    26 When the wife of Uriah heard that Uriah her husband was dead, she mourned for her husband. 27 And when her mourning was over, David sent and brought her to his house, and she became his wife and bore him a son. But the thing that David had done displeased the Lord.

    This displeased God, but not for the reason you may think. The next chapter elaborates:

    2 Samuel 12 Then the Lord sent Nathan to David. And he came to him, and said to him: “There were two men in one city, one rich and the other poor. 2 The rich man had exceedingly many flocks and herds. 3 But the poor man had nothing, except one little ewe lamb which he had bought and nourished; and it grew up together with him and with his children. It ate of his own food and drank from his own cup and lay in his bosom; and it was like a daughter to him. 4 And a traveler came to the rich man, who refused to take from his own flock and from his own herd to prepare one for the wayfaring man who had come to him; but he took the poor man’s lamb and prepared it for the man who had come to him.”

    5 So David’s anger was greatly aroused against the man, and he said to Nathan, “As the Lord lives, the man who has done this shall surely die! 6 And he shall restore fourfold for the lamb, because he did this thing and because he had no pity.”
    7 Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man! Thus says the Lord God of Israel: ‘I anointed you king over Israel, and I delivered you from the hand of Saul. 8 I gave you your master’s house and your master’s wives into your keeping, and gave you the house of Israel and Judah. And if that had been too little, I also would have given you much more! 9 Why have you despised the commandment of the Lord, to do evil in His sight? You have killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword; you have taken his wife to be your wife, and have killed him with the sword of the people of Ammon. 10 Now therefore, the sword shall never depart from your house, because you have despised Me, and have taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be your wife.’ 11 Thus says the Lord: ‘Behold, I will raise up adversity against you from your own house; and I will take your wives before your eyes and give them to your neighbor, and he shall lie with your wives in the sight of this sun. 12 For you did it secretly, but I will do this thing before all Israel, before the sun.’”

    13 So David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.”
    And Nathan said to David, “The Lord also has put away your sin; you shall not die. 14 However, because by this deed you have given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme, the child also who is born to you shall surely die.” 15 Then Nathan departed to his house.

    David committed adultery; for this he deserved death, and yet God “put away” his sin. Clearly it is still evil to take another man’s wife, even if that man is killed shortly after, or else there would be no sin. But God chastises David specifically for taking from the less fortunate while he himself was very well off. It shows a lack of faith to deal treacherously for things God would have given freely, and since it was the king of Israel who did it, “great occasion” was given to the Lord’s enemies. ^

  6. NKJV:

    Matthew 5:32 But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery; and whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery.


  7. NKJV:

    Mark 10:11 So He said to them, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her. 12 And if a woman divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.”

    Luke 16:18 “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced from her husband commits adultery.


  8. NKJV:

    Proverbs 6:30 People do not despise a thief
    If he steals to satisfy himself when he is starving.
    31 Yet when he is found, he must restore sevenfold;
    He may have to give up all the substance of his house.
    32 Whoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding;
    He who does so destroys his own soul.
    33 Wounds and dishonor he will get,
    And his reproach will not be wiped away.
    34 For jealousy is a husband’s fury;
    Therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance.
    35 He will accept no recompense,
    Nor will he be appeased though you give many gifts.


  9. NKJV:

    Leviticus 20:10 ‘The man who commits adultery with another man’s wife, he who commits adultery with his neighbor’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress, shall surely be put to death.


  10. NKJV:

    Deuteronomy 22:22 “If a man is found lying with a woman married to a husband, then both of them shall die—the man that lay with the woman, and the woman; so you shall put away the evil from Israel.
    23 “If a young woman who is a virgin is betrothed to a husband, and a man finds her in the city and lies with her, 24 then you shall bring them both out to the gate of that city, and you shall stone them to death with stones, the young woman because she did not cry out in the city, and the man because he humbled his neighbor’s wife; so you shall put away the evil from among you.
    25 “But if a man finds a betrothed young woman in the countryside, and the man forces her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die. 26 But you shall do nothing to the young woman; there is in the young woman no sin deserving of death, for just as when a man rises against his neighbor and kills him, even so is this matter. 27 For he found her in the countryside, and the betrothed young woman cried out, but there was no one to save her.


  11. NKJV:

    Proverbs 5:18 Let your fountain be blessed,
    And rejoice with the wife of your youth.
    19 As a loving deer and a graceful doe,
    Let her breasts satisfy you at all times;
    And always be enraptured with her love.

    Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

    Genesis 9 So God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.


  12. NKJV:

    Romans 11:36 For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen.


  13. NKJV:

    Leviticus 19:29 ‘Do not prostitute your daughter, to cause her to be a harlot, lest the land fall into harlotry, and the land become full of wickedness.


  14. For example, let’s say that in the process of courting a girl, you end up buying her drinks. This is considered goodwill, and constitutes a form of payment. If the girl is left unwed, and continues in a similar lifestyle, (having sex with guys in exchange for “sweet parties”) she is effectively a prostitute. ^
  15. Nor should he refuse hers.

    1 Corinthians 7:3 Let the husband render to his wife the affection due her, and likewise also the wife to her husband. 4 The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. And likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. 5 Do not deprive one another except with consent for a time, that you may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again so that Satan does not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.


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