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Wednesday, August 6, 2014 

I believe the entire Bible; please visit A True Church to learn about how everything you think you know about Christianity is probably wrong. Read about the parts of the Bible that are not usually taught, like how the Jesus Christ of the Bible hates everybody and creates evil. The false churches covet your money; peddling the Gospel, they lure many in with nice sounding words. A true church will say the harsh words that will cause many to turn away.

I have things for sale, i and there is a comprehensive list available via gribble bot of #bitcoin-otc on irc.freenode.net. Come join the revolution! You can't "be your own bank" if you internalize the currency of the traditional financial institutions. Bitcoin is about denominating in bitcoin, and building decentralized trust networks through which good money may flow freely; please visit Trilema to learn about how everything you think you know about Bitcoin is probably wrong.

Please use PGP to protect any messages you send to me. You must have a PGP key in order for me to be able to respond in private.

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